How to Disable Omnibox Search Chrome? Tips & Tricks

This article will help you to disable omnibox search chrome with recommended methods. According to reports, users decide to disable omnibox due to privacy-related issues which have appeared as soon as this feature was launched in 2008. If you have any problem with omnibox, then you can disable this immediately and use another search provider. Let’s take have a look at omnibox search in details.

What is Omnibox?

As per Google Chrome setting, it enabled omnibox by default which is combined search box and URL bar. Omnibox in Chrome is responsible for fast browsing or surfing means if you are looking for information on your browser quickly which you have search on URL bar, without having to access Google or another search provider first. On search, you are redirected to website or Google search results page. Omnibox is made based on information such as your browsing history, bookmarked items, suggestions, URL prediction provided by Google.

Why users decide to chrome disable omnibox search?

  • A number of Chrome users find that privacy-related issues with Chrome omnibox search. And due to that, they decide to disable omnibox search in Chrome.
  • Another issue is history related issue. As we know that Chrome has ability to synchronize connected devices. Chrome remembers omnibox history and uses it across other devices. So, if you are searching specific information on your laptop/PC, then you will also find the same keywords when you try to open Chrome on your Smartphone.

Ways to disable Omnibox search Chrome

Procedure 1: Delete Cookie, History and Autofill data

Step 1: At first, open Google Chrome browser and go to setting

Step 2: Now, click on Advance options at bottom

Step 3: After that, locate Clear browsing data in Privacy and security sections

Step 4: Click on Advance on newly opened Window

Step 5: Now, pick the All time option in Time range section

Step 6: Check the Browsing history, Cookies and other site data and Autofill from data

Step 7: Finally, click on Clear data

Procedure 2: To chrome disable omnibox search, turn off omnibox History sync

Step 1: Open Google Chrome browser

Step 2: Go for setting (Three vertical dots on top-right of Window > settings)

Step 3: Click on Sync and you will enter Advance sync settings

Step 4: Please ensure that History option is turned off

Procedure 3: To disable omnibox search chrome, delete search suggestions and URL prediction

Step 1: Go for Setting and click on Advance options

Step 2: Now, locate Use a prediction service to help complete searches and URLs types in address bar, under Privacy and security section

Step 3: Finally, click on it once to chrome disable omnibox search service completely


I am sure this article helped you disable omnibox search chrome with several easy methods. You can use any procedure to disable omnibox service as per System requirements. If your System has malware or spyware related issue, then you can scan your computer with very strong antivirus software Reimage that is able to delete all junk files or viruses from System. So, try it.

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