How to Download or Reinstall GeForce Driver Update Windows 10

GeForce is brand of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) belongs to NVIDIA – popular graphics cards manufacturer. NVIDIA GeForce products are discrete GPUs and integrated GPUs means NVIDIA designs graphics cards integrated on motherboards and discrete graphics cards for add-on graphics boards.

Nvidia GeForce graphics cards are known for offering best graphics & gaming experience. However, you could be missed out on the best experience without GeForce Drivers. So if you have Nvidia GeForce GPUs (Graphics Card) whether it is integrated GPUs or discrete GPUs for your Windows OS computer, then you should make sure that GeForce Drivers are properly installed or not. If installed properly, you are allowed to new run new variants of games with best gaming experience.

Without GeForce Driver, you can’t enjoy your game anymore in your computer with optimized performance. You could be missing out on the best gaming experience without the drivers that provides optimizations and features both the cards itself and the most popular games. So, GeForce Driver is necessary and if it is outdated, then driver is required.

If you are unaware, Nvidia GeForce Driver is essential software to communicate your GeForce Graphics Cards (Discrete or Integrated) with your Operating System installed in your computer. For example, if you have Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 GPU model for your Windows 10 64-bit OS based device, then graphics card driver must be installed according to this configuration.

If your NVDIA GeForce GPU (hardware) is in good condition and properly integrated or connected to your computer, but still you are facing some problem like GeForce not detecting games, GeForce graphics card not recognized, GeForce Driver not installed, GeForce Driver installation fails or similar issue, then one of the core reasons behind this problem is problematic GeForce Driver.

One possible method to fix problem with GeForce GPU in Windows OS device is to update its driver. GeForce Driver Update can fix bugs and enhance your graphics & gaming experience. Updating Nvidia drivers to latest version can enable support for Nvidia Reflex in Call of Duty: Modern Warefare and Call of Duty: Warzone and offers the best gaming experience in Star Wars: Squadrons and other popular modern games. So, you should check if your graphics card driver is up-to-date.

How to check status of Nvidia GeForce Driver in Windows 10?

Step 1: Press ‘Windows + X’ keys together from keyboard and select ‘Device Manager’

Step 2: In the opened ‘Devices Manger’, locate and expand ‘Display Adapters’ category

Step 3: Click on your Nvidia GeForce Graphics card and check if it shows ‘Yellow Exclamation Mark’ on driver. If yes, then GeForce Driver Update is necessary.

Step 4: Double-click on your Nvidia graphics card to open its ‘Properties’, and note down the graphics card model and serial number. Now, look for Nvidia graphics card driver higher than serial number than current driver installed on the web.

How to check Graphics Card Model in Windows 10?

You can find the graphics card model using ‘DirectX Diagnostic Tool’ in your Windows device.

Step 1: Press ‘Windows + R’ keys together from keyboard to open ‘Run Dialog Box’

Step 2: In the opened ‘Run Dialog Box’, type ‘dxdiag’ and hit ‘Ok’ button

Step 3: In the opened ‘DirectX Diagnostic Tool’, click on ‘Display’ tab and this will show you the detailed information about GPU or display including name of graphics card, manufacturer, chipset type, DAC type, Device Type and others.

How to download and install GeForce Driver Update in Windows 10? [Manually]

Step 1: Open your browser and visit ‘Nvidia GeForce Driver Download’ page (Official)

Step 2: Using above method, you can note down the detailed information about Nvidia graphics card. Now, select product type, product series, product, Operating System and download type from dropdown and hit ‘Start Search’

Step 3: Scroll down to see the list of drivers and click on ‘Get Download’ button under latest driver version.

Step 4: Now, double-click on ‘Installer file’ or ‘Downloaded file’ and follow on-screen instructions to finish installation.

How to download or reinstall GeForce Driver Update using ‘GeForce Experience’?

GeForce Experience is software offers you to update your Nvidia drivers automatically and optimize your gaming settings. So, you can use this tool to keep your drivers up-to-date.

Step 1: At first, you need to download ‘GeForce Experience’ software of official website and then install

Step 2: Now, open ‘GeForce Experience’ App, log into Nvidia account or create new one

Step 3: Once logged in, click on ‘Driver’ tab, and download and install all available nvidia drivers that you might need.

How to GeForce Driver Update using ‘Windows Update’?

You can also update your Nvidia graphics card driver using ‘Windows Update’.

Step 1: Press ‘Windows + I’ keys together from keyboard to open ‘Settings’ App in Windows 10

Step 2: In the opened ‘Settings’ App, click on ‘Update & Security > Windows Update’

Step 3: Click on ‘Check for updates’ button under ‘Windows Update’ section. This way, you can update your Nvidia GeForce drivers.

Step 4: Once done, restart your computer to see the changes.


I am sure this post helped you on how to download, reinstall GeForce Driver Update in Windows 10. You can download or reinstall the driver update using Nvidia or GeForce Official site, or using ‘GeForce Experience’ software. To do so, you can read & follow our instructions. That’s all. For any suggestions or queries, please write on comment box below.

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