How to enable cookies on iPhone [Guide]

In this particular blogs we will discuss about How to enable cookies on iPhone. We often heard this word but do we know what exactly is this cookies or you only know the name but unaware of its uses. Well here in this blog we will try to provide all the relevant information. So without any further delay let’s get started.

What are Cookies and why it is important?

Cookies are such files that are created by the sites itself that you visit. And it is created only to enhance the user experiences, when they visit the site another time. It only enhances the user experience but it has so many other benefits like it provides you locally relevant content, keep you signed in and last but not the least remember your site preferences. And in order to use your Google Account on a browser (chrome or safari) you need to turn on the cookies.

But many users disable or turn of the cookies in their web browser just for security and privacy, but trust me it is not required at all.  From the above explanation you might have understood that cookies are damn important as they personalize and streamline your web browsing. If you have also disabled cookies then don’t worry it can be enabled by following some easy steps that we have mentioned below:

How to enable cookies on iPhone

Step 1: First of all open the Settings app

Step 2: Then scroll down and app “Safari”

Step 3: Under the Privacy and Security section, ensure that “Prevent Cross-Site Tracing” is turned off just by swiping the slider to the left.

Step 4: Now in the same section, make sure that “Block all cookies” is turned off by swiping the slider to the left

How to allow third party cookies on iPhone

If you have installed third party browsers on your iPhone then you need to know that by default cookies are always enabled and usually they can’t be turned off in the third party apps. But if you desire to browse without cookies being stored on your device in browsers like Chrome & Firefox then we suggest you to use the “Incognito Mode” (in chrome) or “Private Mode” (in Firefox). You don’t need to enable cookies because there’s no way to turn off cookies in the main browser mode.

Frequently Asked Queries!

How to disable cookies on iPhone/iPad in the Safari app?

In order to disable the cookies in the Safari app on your iPhone follow the below mention steps:

Step 1: Navigate to Settings>scroll down & check Safari

Step 2: Now scroll down until you find Privacy & Security

Step 3: Check the tab Block All Cookies (turn it on)

Step 4: Click the button Clear History & Website Data

Step 5: Restart Safari

How to disabled cookies on iPhone/iPad in the Chrome app?

Follow the below mention steps to proceed:

Step 1: Open the Chrome app>at the bottom right, click More, that is marked as three dots, and then Settings

Step 3: Now tap Privacy and then Clear Browsing Data

Step 4: Click Cookies, Site Data and then uncheck the cookies box

Step 5: After that select Clear Browsing Data and then tap on Clear Browsing Data

Step 6: Finally tap on Done

Bottom Line

That’s all about How to enable cookies on iPhone and How to allow third party cookies on iPhone. If you liked the blog then keep visiting the site for more useful articles.

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