How To Enable Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger

In 2018 at the F8 Developer conference, Facebook declared a lots of  latest features to its Messenger service. However, Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger one of the new changes  that it’s a true OLED black theme. But now it is still hidden or unable to work. But  you can  easily Enable Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger at any time using a unusual technique.  There are two methods to activate this feature-one is easy and supported by Facebook, while the other is complicated but should have 100% successful.

Methods To Enable Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger

Method1. Moon Emoji

This first method to Enable Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger is a slight odd but it will work on both Android and I phone as well as Facebook has activated the feature for your account. But it’s not possibilities that Facebook hasn’t turned the feature on for your account. Therefore it will probably work, but it it doesn’t wait a long time. Facebook messenger will be continuing the Dark Mode out to every  user in the setting by the end of March 2019.

  • Open the Messenger App on IOS or Android.
  • Open any of your conversations
  • Send a crescent moon emoji
  • then a popup will appear at the top of the screen stating “You Found Dark Mode!
  • keep busy yourself with a shower of smiling crescent moon emojis
  • Re-open the app and enable the new “Dark Mode” toggle in the Messenger Settings menu.
  • Once enabled, it’s a true black dark mode

Method2. Use Root to Force Dark Mode

The second method Enable Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger need a rooted Android device with “Unknown Sources” enabled. If you meet those necessities, this method should work in spite of whether or not Facebook has enabled the feature for your account.

  • Install the Latest Facebook Messenger Beta version
  • Once you’ve got the latest Facebook Messenger beta installed, make sure to open the app and log in.
  • Get a Terminal Emulator App to run a root command to active dark mode.
  • Now, open your terminal emulator app and type in “su” (without the quotes), then click enter on your keyboard.
  • Access the “Hidden Flags Menu” then click enter on your key board.
  • Tap “Search Gatekeepers” here, then type “dark” into the prompt and hit “OK.”
  • Next, tap each of the results beneath the dark header to change their values from “NO” to “YES.”
  • Now, reopen Messenger and tap your profile picture (or the silhouette icon) in the top-left corner to access the app’s main settings menu.
  • toggle “Dark Mode” on, then tap “OK” on the popup to verify your choice.
  • Enable Dark Mode