How to Enable Safari Private Browsing Mode in iOS 15

Safari in iOS 15 received some major revamped in user-interface and some of the tweaks are really confusing the users. The same were the case in Safari in Mac OS as well when the new Safari browser on MacOS Big Sur or older versions were launched few months back. Many things and important features has been changed. The most noticeable changes in the Safari stock browser is the option to switch on private browsing. Many users have upgraded to iOS 15 and are unable to find Safari’s incognito mode and wondering whether this feature has been scrapped.  You are at the right place to know how to enable Safari private browsing mode in iOS 15.

Private Browsing in Safari on iPhone

Private browsing allows users to hide or basically cover a shield over your search history. When it is enabled, Safari will not record or store any of the data that you provide on the webpage you visit including the search-engines. Private browsing or incognito mode browsing allows you to browse anonymously and hide your search history, auto-fill or any kind of information shared online. Here, we have discussed two methods to enable Safari private browsing mode in iOS 15.

Method 1: Long Press Shortcut

Open Safari browser in iPhone. Long press on the tabs icon present in the bottom right corner or the display. Select Private or New Private Tab in the menu.

A new pop-up message will occur on the display and the address bar will turn black. This indicates that you can browse secretly and nothing will get recorded by the browser. Safari will not remember your browser-history, fill data and so on.

In case if you want to return back for normal browsing then long press the tabs icon and tap on X Tabs.

Method 2: From Safari Tab Menu in iOS 15

Again, open Safari on your iPhone and press on tabs icons present at the bottom right corner

Press on “X” tab option available at the bottom center and select “Private”

Press on “+” button present in the left and open the new private tab.

Safari Private Browsing Mode allows you to Browser Anonymously

The steps mentioned above will let you to private browsing mode in Safari browser on iOS 15. The Safari browser has been updated and many users may find it confusing to use. Every time when any application gets some new feature or get some major update, it takes time for users to get used to it. You can share you feedback with us in the comment section.

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