How to find Capture Gallery on PS5 App

While playing a game on your PS5 you did something amazing and now you want to capture those moments and share with your friends, family members or with your gaming community. Fortunately there is an impressive in-built capture tool in your console which can capture all those moments of yours both as a still Image and a short clip.

You can capture your screenshots and clips with relative ease. All you need to do is Press Capture button on your controller and choose whether you like to take a screenshot or a video form the pop-up menu. Those captured clips are automatically transferred to your media gallery on your PS5.

In recent updates update Sony have bring an auto upload feature in their PS5 consoles. This means all your captured images and videos will be automatically be moved to your PlayStation Application on your Smartphone. This feature is not available on every console yet, instead rolled out in few countries first and others to follow.

If you want to know how to find capture gallery on PS5 app then firstly you need to enable auto upload on your console then only you will be able to access those captured screenshot and clips of yours.

How to activate auto upload on PS5 console

Step 1: Navigate to Setting menu.

Step 2: Find and open Captures and Broadcast.

Step 3: Then open Captures

Step 4: From here turn on Auto-Upload.

How to activate auto upload on PlayStation App

Step 1: Open PlayStation app then select Library.

Step 2: Find Captures option and enable it.

For these steps to work auto-upload needs to be enabled and you need to make sure that your PS5 console is connected to your PlayStation App and your console has the stay connected to the internet option enabled otherwise you would not be able to access all the functionality provided.

After enabling these steps you have successfully access to Auto-Upload feature. Now you can view then in your PlayStation App on your Smartphone.

How to access capture gallery on PlayStation App

Step 1: Update your app to the latest version possible and check whether this feature has been enabled in your country or not.

Step 2: Open PlayStation app on your Smartphone.

Step 3: Press the Game Library icon.

Step 4: Open Capture menu.

Now you will be able to browse through your game clips that has been auto upload from for your console to your Smartphone Application. And to save then just open any images or videos then tap three dotted menu and then save.

Please note that it will not upload any images or clip that has been taken before enabling this feature. And it will only sync all the recent images and videos that you have captured in last 14 days.

PlayStation has given its user base a very useful feature that not only helps them to capture some amazing gaming memories but also to access them anywhere through your Smartphone. And we have provided you will all possible methods on how to find capture gallery on PS5 App. The steps are very simple to follow through. Go and capture some awesome clips and screenshots and share them to your loved once.

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