How to fix AirPods won’t connect to mac problem?

This article provides you the best proven tips how you can fix AirPods won’t connect to mac issue. It contains a variety of solutions ranging from changing the macOS settings and preferences to software and even hardware tips and tricks to help you in getting the fix.

Why my AirPods not working with mac?

This could be a result of damaged or dirty AirPod or charging case. An outdated operating system might be the reason for the reason.

Also, it is possible that there is a conflict with the Bluetooth connections with a SmartPhone or tablet or simply just the incorrect audio or Bluetooth settings being selected are the reason for AirPods won’t connect to mac issue.

 The connection problem occurs even due to flat batteries in the charging case or the AirPd earphones. Now, without wasting your time, we move on to the solution part.

Possible fixes for AirPods won’t connect to mac issue

#1:  Charge your AirPods

The issue is possibly because your Apple AirPods is out of the power. You should charge them and then try connecting them on your Mac again. Also, you should check its battery’s level –lifting the lid of the AirPod case brings up a display on the phone that shows the battery life for each AirPod and the case.

You can check the AirPods battery life from the Lock Screen widget as well –swipe down from the top of the iPhone screen to reveal the notification center and then swipe to see the Battery widget. If the screen is locked on the home screen, you have to swipe right to see the enabled widgets.

#2:  Update your macOS to the latest version

The operating systems can add support for the newer Apple devices such as AirPods with the upgrade. Also, the update will improve the mac’s performance and security.

You would require latest macOS Sierra for the first generation AirPods, macOS Mojave 10.14.4 for the second generation and macOS Catalina 10.15.1 or later for the AirPods Pro.

#3: Turn on your Bluetooth

Another thing you should have Bluetooth on your device enabled before it can connect your Apple AirPods so that you can fix airpods won’t connect to mac issue. For this, click on the Bluetooth icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.

#4: Select your AirPods

If there is a connection and you have only sound problem, have a check either the Bluetooth or the Volume icon and choose your AirPods as the output device.

#5:  Check if your AirPods are in their case

Make sure your AirPods are in their case. Place the AirPods in their charging case, open the lid and then select your AirPods manually from the list of the Blue devices and then try connecting again.

#6: Turn off Bluetooth on other devices

The airpods won’t connect to mac issue could be because your AirPods got connected to another device instead of it. To stop this, turn off Bluetooth on any devices you have synced your AirPods in the past.

#7: Open the charging case lid while connecting

Don’t forget, lid needs to be opened when you click on the setup button on the case during the initial pairing. The issue could be happening because it was close during the moment.

# 8: Connect the Charging case to the power source

Even when the battery got damaged, the AiPods work when you plugged into a power socket or your MacBook itself.

#9: Sign-in with the same Apple ID

If you’ve paired your AirPods with another Apple device such as iPhone, it will automatically sign in to the same iCloud account on your Mac. You will require using the same account however.

# 10: Remove and then re-add your AirPods

If your AirPods are connected to your mac but you can’t play the audio, you should remove them from the Apple logo > system preferences > Bluetooth and then connect them again if they were new.

# 11: Clean AirPods and their charging case

Some Dust or dirt might be covering the connectors or preventing the AirPods from charging correctly, the airpods won’t connect to mac issue might occur.

#12: Reset your Apple AirPods

Resetting the AirPods is an effective way of removing any bugs/ glitches affecting the device connectivity.

#13: Restart your mac

This is next very common thing that people should do not in this issue but in any issue and problem with system they encounter. This works in most of the cases.

#14: Contact for the Official Support

If all else fails, then contact with the Official Apple Support. They may even replace your AirPods, if you bought them recently.

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That is all. We have mentioned all possible solutions that you should try with when you are dealing with airpods won’t connect to mac issue. Hope that the above fixes would defiantly help you in getting the fix.

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