How to fix Apex Legends mobile error code 291 [Manual Solution]

Apex Legends Mobile is a free-to-play title, just like PC Version of the game & it is also based on the similar battle royale online multiplayer shooting. We don’t need to flaunt the fan following of the game as it is one of the most played games.

Despite of being so popular and successful, it’s quite disheartening that the game is not flawless. As per the reports several users have recently claimed Apex Legends mobile error code 291 or 561. The users have reported that when they get prompted with the error it won’t let the users to play the game and they get prompted with the below mention error message on their screen.

“You are not licensed to play. To join the game, you will need to download and install the app from Google Play. Error code:291”

If you are also on the same boat then don’t worry because the good news is you can easily get past the error by following the below mention tried and tested guidelines. But before that we would like to highlight the potential culprits that lead to the above mention error.

What causes Apex Legends mobile error code 291?


As it is mentioned in the error message that the main reason for facing the issue is license issue and the users need to download and install the game from Google Play Store which clearly means that you are in restricted geo-location. But after investigating the error we concluded that there are many factors which leads to the current situation, we have enlisted below, you can check:

  1. Due to down server of Apex Legend Mobile Server
  2. Poor/Bad Internet Connection
  3. Corrupted Apex Legend app cache data
  4. Due to restricted Geo-Location
  5. Corrupted cache files on the device
  6. Due to outdated version of the game

Recommended Solution for Apex Legends mobile error code 291

Method 1: Check the Apex Legend Mobile Server Status

In the very first method we suggest you to check you to check the server status because if the server is down then there’s no point to apply any troubleshooting methods. If you found that the game server is down/ under maintenance then you need to wait till the server gets back to work.

Method 2: Check your device’s internet connection

If you found that there’s no issue with the server then kindly check your device’s internet connection. And if it not stable then switch to another network or you can also turn on/off the flight mode.

Method 3: Clear device Cache

We have discussed in so many blogs that corrupted files or data on your device may lead to several issues. So it is suggested to clear the corrupted cache or the temporary files on the device.

And we have enlisted two ways to do the same; you can either clean the cache from the settings or wipe the cache partition on your device.

Way 1: Clear device cache via Settings

Step 1: Navigate to settings

Step 2: Select About Phone>then Select Storage Option

Step 3: Go for cache data option>now you will be prompted, you have to tap on OK in order to clear all the cache data from your device

Keep in mind that the steps may differ from model to model

Way 2: Wipe Cache Partition on your device

Step 1: First of all switch off the device>long press Power + Volume Up buttons at the same time to enter the recovery mode

Step 2: When you enter into recovery mode, then select Wipe Cache Partition option

Note: Use the volume buttons for navigation of the options ad power button choose the option

Step 3: Once the process gets finished> finally restart your device

Method 4: Clear Apex Legend Mobile Cache

If the above methods didn’t works for you then we suggest you to clear Apex Legend Mobile Cache by following the below mention steps:

Step 1: navigate to Settings>select Apps from the prompted list

Step 2: In the App list, select Apex Legends

Step 3: Click on the Storage option>finally clear the data and cache

Method 5: Use VPN

Once of the major reason for facing the issue is restricted geo-location. If the game is not supported in your country then it is obvious that you will get license error. In such scenario we suggest you to use a reliable VPN.






 New Zealand





We have listed names of the countries that support the game, if your country is not on the list then you need to go for an Android VPN App. You can check on Google and choose a reliable VPN for yourself or you can also try the below mention VPN. It is one most trusted VPNs.

⇓Get  NordVPN from Here⇑

Method 6: Update Apex Legends Mobile to the latest Version

As we have earlier mentioned in this blog that outdated version of the game may leads to several errors and this is one of them so we highly recommend you to update the game to the latest version by navigating to the Google Play Store and find if there is any update available for the game then tap on Update button.

Method 7: Uninstall the game and then Re-install the game

Several times it happens that the game files get corrupted while installing the game in such case, we suggest you to uninstall the game and then reinstall it from the Google Play Store.


My job is done here and I have provided ample solutions to get past the issue and now it’s your turn to gets past the error by following the above mention guidelines. Good luck with the fixes.

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