How to fix App store missing from iPhone?

In this article, we will discuss about App store missing from iPhone and talk about the possible solutions you should try with when encountering the App Store disappeared from your iPhone.

More about app store missing from iPhone

An iPhone user asked for this in a security forum website:

App store icon disappeared from iPad! I went to browse some apps earlier and realized that the App Store icon is completely gone. I don’t know where is my App Store. Does anybody know what I can do?

Apple is all about making its devices family friendly. It builds a wonderful array of parental controls so that they can keep their kids safe. Sometimes, this restriction is imposed by them or someone else accidentally, it is very frustrating. Having not known the passcode used is even more frustrating.

This is usually the reason why App Store and other functionalities such as Safari, iTunes and Camera and so on that should be on the iphone have gone missing. Those restrictions disable these apps from running on your device. So, the obvious fixes are to remove such restrictions.

Get back the App stores by backing restrictions

To remove the restrictions, perform the following steps:

  • Go to the Settings -> Screen Time -> Content & Privacy Restrictions,
  • Tap on the Allowed Apps and check if the switches for Safari, iTunes Store and Camera are turned on,

  • If you know you have deleted the App store, click on iTunes & App Store Purchases under Content & Privacy Restrictions and tap on the Allow button next to the Install Apps,

  • You can turn off the Screen Time entirely so as to prevent this problem from happening again. Open Settings, tap on Screen Time and then on Turn OFF Screen Time.

For the iphone running on iOS 11, the process would be a little different. You would have to go through the below steps:  Open Settings -> General -> Restrictions and enter your Restriction Passcode,

  • Now, in the Restrictions menu, tab on Disable Restrictions at the top to fix the problem once and all.

What if you forget the Restriction Passcode?

If you don’t know the password, the only possible way is to disable the password and re-enable the App Store, and all other apps to restore the iPhone back to the factory settings. Before doing that, transfer all your photos and videos to your computer using USB charger cable came with your phone.

Also, double-check all your contacts, calendars, notes and other personal information is synchronized on iCloud, Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, AOL, or any other cloud service. It won’t be deleted when you restore your iPhone and will immediately come to your device when you set up those accounts again.

Other fixes for app store missing from iPhone

  • Make ensure the icon is not in the folder –check every Home Screen and every folder and also search for it on the search box.
  • Reset home screen – it could be possible that the icon is on a different home screen or in a folder. Look for other screens within folders. If you do not find in there, reset the home screen (by “Settings” > “General “> “Reset” > “Reset Home Screen Layout) to return your icon to the default setting.
  • Reset All settings– including network settings, the keyboard dictionary, the home screen layout, location settings, privacy settings, and Apple Pay cards to reset them to their defaults. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings and confirm
  • Check for iOS update – it is always advised to keep the iOS updated to ensure that it is more secure and able to run smoothly.

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This is all about how to fix app store missing from iPhone. We hope that any of the above methods provided you the fix. Generally, users have put restrictions mistakenly. We have mentioned how easily the restrictions can be removed.

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