How to fix AT&T Voicemail not working, showing or connecting (iPhone and Android)

American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T), it was founded as Bell Telephone Company, by Alexander Graham Bell, Gardiner Greene Hubbard and Thomas Watson. It is the world’s largest telecommunications company and also the largest provider of mobile telephone in U.S.A of 2k20. It offers cell Phone, Wireless Network, Digital Television, Land Line telecommunication Services, Internet. And AT&T serves worldwide.

But sadly, it has been reported by several users that they are facing ATT Voicemail not working or AT&T voicemail not connecting. So if you have the same issue and you are looking for a resolution, then you are at right place. In this tutorial will discuss about the issue in details. So keep reading the blog.


But before discussing the solutions we need to discuss its causes which lead to such nerve-wracking issue. After knowing the reasons it will be easier to cope with the trouble. We have tried to enlist potential culprits. Just go through them to know more about the problem.

  1. You may end up with the above issue if your voicemail credentials have been corrupted due to any reason.
  2. If your network settings are not configure correctly then the chances to face the issue is quite higher.
  3. You are likely to face the problem if any third-party app is interfering.
  4. If you are using iPhone and the voicemail is not connecting then the chances are high that the phone app on your iPhone is not working in a proper way.

Workable solutions for ATT Voicemail not working on Android/ iPhone

Solution 1: Check for Third-Party App

It has been clearly mention above that interference of any third party app can make you suffer from the above issue. In order to get rid of this situation all you need is to check if you have not forwarded the voicemail to any third party application installed on your phone. If any of the third party app is interfering. Then keep in mind he voice mail will not work on AT&T.

Solution 2: Reset Voicemail Password

It is one of the tried and tested methods, it has been claimed by several users that they manage to handle the above issue after re-setting their voicemail Password. To reset the voicemail password, you need to follow the below mention guidelines. But ensure that you are under AT&T wireless coverage.

  • Navigate to your myAT&T account overview> open My Wireless section
  • Then scroll to My devices & add-ons >select the device that you want to manage
  • Choose Manage my device
  • In the Device options & Settings, select Reset Voicemail Password>follow the on-screen instructions
Solution 3: Reset Network Settings

If you are still struggling with AT&T voicemail not connecting, then you can simply reset the network settings. But keep in mind that resetting the network will erase all your iPhone’s Wi-Fi ad network settings as well. Networks settings mean Wi-Fi networks, VPN settings, Bluetooth devices. Hence you are clearly recommended to write all your passwords in a safe place. After that follow the below mention guidelines to reset network settings:

  • Open the Settings>tap General
  • Then go to Transfer or Reset iPhone>Reset >Reset Network Settings
  • After that enter your Passcode
  • Your work is done here> now check if the issue persists

Additional solutions for AT&T Voicemail not showing up on iphone or not working on iPhone

Solution 1: Close and the Reopen phone app

We have earlier mention in this blog that you may end up with the situation if your phone app is not working correctly. So we suggest you to just close and then re-open the phone app. Many users have claim success after applying this method. To do so, you can follow the guidelines below:

  • First of all double-press on the Home button
  • It will open the App Switcher for you> it will display the list of all apps which you have currently open
  • Swipe up on the Phone app
  • If the app not appears in App Switcher then it simply means the phone app is closed

Solution 2: Turn your iPhone off and on again

It is not something which is very logical but this method has a potential to resolve such kind of issues. Turning off and then on again your iPhone will just refresh your software and can fix minor glitches. To do so, follow the guidelines:

  • In the first step, press and hold power button till the time you get the red power icon
  • Slide to Power off option>then just slide red power icon to the right
  • Before turning on your iPhone again wait for 3-40 seconds >after 30-40 seconds, turn on your iPhone

Final Words

That’s all. My job is done here! I have tried to provide all the information regarding AT&T voicemail not connecting or ATT Voicemail not working and AT&T Voicemail not showing up on iphone. I really hope that the blog was helpful for you. And I am sure that you will get past the above issue after following the above mention guidelines.

Apart from this, do write us on our Facebook and Twitter Page if you have any queries or concerns regarding the same. Thanks for your valuable time.

Good luck with the fixes.