How to fix Auto Hide Taskbar not working?

Many of us prefer automatically hiding the Taskbar as one can switch between programs and launch the Start Menu with the help of keyboard shortcuts. And we know that Windows 10 allows its users to auto-hide the taskbar and this can be easily enabled in the settings app.

But several Windows 10 users have claimed that Auto Hide Taskbar feature is not working on their PC even after enabling the same in the Taskbar Settings. And it’s known that the taskbar will not auto hide when the mouse cursor on it.

As per the Reports, when the Taskbar auto-hide is enabled, then the taskbar hides for few seconds and then appears again even when the mouse cursor is away from it.

If the Taskbar is not automatically hiding even when the mouse cursor is off & you are sure that Taskbar auto-hide is enabled, you can follow our suggested guidelines to get past the issue. You can also use the enlisted methods if the taskbar does not show up when you move the cursor to the bottom of the screen. (When the Taskbar is at bottom)

Fixes for Auto Hide Taskbar not working

Method 1: Try Restarting File Explorer or Windows Explorer

Step 1: Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys to open Task Manager or you can right-click on the empty space on taskbar and tap Task Manager to open the same.

Step 2: Click More Details once the Task Manager is launched

Step 3: In the Processes tab, right-click on Windows Explorer entry and then click Restart

And if you don’t find Windows Explorer in the list, open up This PC or any other folder just to see Windows Explorer in the list.

Now the taskbar should automatically hide when you move the cursor away from it.

Method 2: Remove Culprit third party programs from the system Tray

Another major reason or facing the above mention issue is an unnecessarily installed program that has nothing to do with Windows 10. In order to find and remove such culprits, follow the below mention guidelines:

Step 1: Firstly Right-click on all the icons in system tray one by one and then quit those programs one after another

Step 2: When you are sure that no program is running in the system tray then use Windows 10 for some time & then check if the taskbar auto-hide works smoothly.

Step 3: If the there’s no issues then launch a program that you had earlier closed in step 1 and continue using your PC. If you don’t find any issues at all then launch another earlier closed program and then watch Taskbar for some more time.

But keep in mind if the taskbar stops auto-hiding after launching particular programs then you need to disable the notification or stop that program from residing in the system tray area.

In order to do the same, follow the below mention steps:

Step 1: Firstly open the Settings>go to System>Notifications and actions page

Step 2: In the Get Notifications from these apps section, ensure that the program which is preventing the taskbar from auto-hiding is not configured to show notifications. If enabled, kindly turn it off

Step 3: Navigate to Settings>Personalization>Taskbar page. Under the Notification section, tap Select which icons appear on the taskbar link and then turn off the icon of program, which is preventing the taskbar from the auto-hiding.

Note: If none of the above mentioned methods works for you then we suggest you to reset Windows but don’t forget to back all your data before resetting the Windows.

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