How to fix DIRECTV not working on FireStick [Help]

In our previous blog we have discussed about DIRECTV STREAM app not working on Roku and here in this particular tutorial we are going to discuss about DIRECTV not working on FireStick. So if you are too looking for the same troubleshooting guide you have landed at the correct platform. So without any further delay let’s get started with the discussion.

DIRECTV STREAM is an online TV Series and it’s a satellite broadcasting service that allows users to enjoy the benefits of traditional cable TV without needing special equipment. In order to enjoy DIRECTV STREAM, users only need an active DIRECTV STREAM subscription, the DIRECTV app, stable Wi-Fi connection and of course a streaming device. As we all knew that DIRECTV can be streamed on Roku, Mobile Phones and FireStick as well. But sometimes it happens when this app fails to run on some steaming devices and so many users have claimed that they are facing troubles while streaming the app on FireStick. But thankfully such issues are quite common and can be easily tackled.

But before proceeding with the troubleshooting methods it is imperative to know the culprits that are responsible for throwing the above mention issue. The list includes the following:

Reason 1: Network and data troubles

Reason 2: Corrupted DIRECTV STREAM app cache and data

Reason 3: Outdated FireStick Software or outdated DIRECTV app

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How to tackle DIRECTV not working on FireStick

Method 1: Check your Network Connection

One of the major reasons for facing the above mention issue is poor network connection. So it is imperative to check your network connection. And to do the same follow the below mention guidelines:

Step 1: First of all select Settings> then System and then Network

Step 2: Then locate your current network by finding the check mark and signal strength info next to it.

Method 2: Remove DIRECTV STREAM app cache and data

Several users have claimed that clearing the DIRECTV STREAM app cache and data resolved their issue by applying this method so you can also give a try to this trick:

Here’s how:

Step 1: Select Settings > then Apps and then Manage Installed Apps

Step 2: Select the DIRECTV STREAM app> the select Clear Cache & Clear data from the prompted window

Method 3: Update FireStick to the latest Version

If the above two methods didn’t works for you then we recommend you to update FireStick to the latest Version. And to do the same follow the below mention steps:

Step 1: First of all press FireStick Home button to go back to the Main Menu

Step 2: Then click on the Settings menu at the top

Step 3: Now select My Fire TV or Device> Tap on About

Step 4: Click on Install System Update > The FireStick update will start now

Method 4: Update DIRECTV STREAM app

In this method we suggest you to update DIRECTV STREAM app and to do the same follow the below mention guidelines:

Step 1: First of all press HOME button on your DIRECTV STREAM remote

Step 2: Now select the gear icon onscreen to open your DIRECTV STREAM settings

Step 3: Choose System and then General >Select Check for Updates

Keep your DIRECTV STREAM device plugged in to get automatic software update

Method 5: Restart your FireStick

You can also try to restart FireStick from the Settings Menu by using the following guidelines:

Step 1: First of all open the Settings Menu and select My Fire TV

Step 2: Select Restart on the My Fire TV menu

Step 3: Now select Restart again on the confirmation pop-up

Your Fire TV will shut down seconds after displaying a “Your Amazon Fire TV Stick is Powering Off’ message. You need not do anything to power on the device; it will come on automatically in about 5-10 seconds.

Method 6: Re-Sign in your DIRECTV NOW service

This is also an effective way to resolve your DIRECTV NOW not working issue. Just sign out of the service then sign back in. And then try the service again and check if it’s working or not.

Method 7: Reinstall your DIRECTV NOW app

If you are still struggling with the same issue then you can try to reinstall it. This trick is quite helpful for repairing the corrupted or missing files for your app.

To do the same, you need to uninstall the DIRECTV NOW app on your device and the reinstall the latest version of the DIRECTV NOW app from the app market (App Store, Google Play, Microsoft Store) on your device or the DIRECTV NOW website.


How do I navigate channels on FireStick?

In order to navigate to the Channel Guide on Fire TV, navigate to your Home screen, scroll down to the “On Now” row, press the menu button on your remote, and then click Channel Guide.

Why will DIRECTV STREAM not work on FireStick?

On the Fire TV home screen, navigate to Settings> Application> Manage installed Applications>Appstore>Clear Data and Clear Cache. Click on Clear Data and then click on clear cache.

Why can’t I find the DIRECTV app on FireStick?

DIRECTV app is only available for Fire Tablet. So, you can only install the DIRECTV Stream on FireStick to watch the DIRECTV cable channels.

That’s all about DIRECTV not working on FireStick, if you liked the blog the keep visiting the site for more useful blogs. Thanks for Reading.

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