How to fix Disney Plus keeps buffering and showing timeout errors?

etting Disney Plus Buffering Timeout error message while streaming is not uncommon issue and people look for necessary actions for the fix. While the problem could be a simple internet issue, however there could be some other problems on your device that can triggers Disney Plus keeps buffering and showing timeout errors. Here are some of the culprits:

Slow internet connection – You need 5MP per second speed to stream any Display Plus content in HD quality and 25 Mbps for 4k streaming. So, there could be the case that poor and unstable internet connection is causing the problematic. Contact your ISP to fix this issue in this case,

  • Outdated Disney Plus app – the problem might occur because your app or system is outdated or not compatible. Check for the necessary updates and see if this provides the fix for you,
  • Underlying application issue- some sort of file corruption might be affecting the installation of the app and its cache file. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app is the required solution in this case,
  • Corrupted cached data – cache data might get corrupted and overloaded and due to which the buffering, crashing and freezing issue you are encountering. Clearing the cache is the necessary step to fix the issue in this case,
  • Display Play server issue – Another reason is undergoing server and maintenance or server outages. Check the Display Plus service is up and running using DownDetector website and wait for the developer for the fix.

As far now, we are building up an idea for you about the nature of the issue and provide you the different possible reasons why you are encountering it on your system. Check below the list of potential fixes if you are affected by Disney Plus keeps buffering and showing timeout errors and want to circumvent the problem.

Possible fixes for Display Plus Buffering Timeout error

Fix 1: Restart the Display Plus App

The problem could be simple internal glitches and bugs with the app due to which it is crashing, buffering while running. So, the best thing to start with is to restart the app and see if this solves the issue. If not, move to our next solution.

Fix 2: Check your internet connection

Any streaming platforms require a minimum internet speed below which it can’t stream video for you. Similarly, Display Plus have an internet speed of minimum 5 megabits per second for high-definition video without any issues and 25 megabits per second for videos of 4k, So, make sure you are having stable internet connection with good speed.

Fix 3: Power Cycle your device

Power-cycling to the devices like router, modem, TV, PC, Mac and Windows solve many glitches that may be causing buffering issue. Start with turning off your device and unplugging it completely for a minute. After that, switch on your device, connect your modem after another minute of break and re-launch the Display Plus the then to see if the problem is fixed or not.

Fix 4: Update your Display Plus App

There might be certain glitches or bugs that will be fixed only after updating the application. Go to the Microsoft Store and check for the recent update if available. Also, you should check for the whole system update in the settings, if the app update does not provide you the fix for Disney Plus keeps buffering and showing timeout errors.

Fix 5: Clear Cookies and Cache Data

When you browser any apps, your device stores the cache files that might sometimes get corrupted and become culprit for many issues. Deleting the cache files completely from the device is the required solution in this case:

  • Open your system’s settings and click on Applications,
  • Navigate to Display + and tap on Force Stop option,
  • Check the Force Stop as well as storage option,
  • Then, click on the Clear Cache and Clear data options,
  • Confirm your action of clearing the Display Plus app data and re-launch the app to see if the issue is gone.

Fix 6: Clear Chrome Cache

  • Open Chrome and click on the three dots menu option,
  • Select More tools and click on Clear browsing data,
  • In the new window, click on Time range and choose All Time from the drop-down menu,
  • Check Cached images and files, browsing history, cookies and other site data options,
  • Finally, click on Clear data.

Fix 7: Look for Hardware related issues

If these methods do not work, then possibly the problem is with hardware and not with the software. You need proper cables, prescribed to be HDFC 2.2 cable while using Display Plus app and before using these cables you need to make ensure if your device is compatible with them. You might be receiving Disney Plus keeps buffering and showing timeout errors because of the cables that you are using as they won’t provide good high-quality internet.

Fix 8: Reinstall Disney + app

If these methods do not work for you  then there is a possibility that some of the files of the Disney plus app got corrupted during the installation process and re-installing the app would provide you the possible fix.


We are now rounding off our article how to fix Disney Plus keeps buffering and showing timeout errors. Hopefully, the aforementioned methods help you in getting the fix. if you still receiving the error message, we recommend you use automatic PC Repair Tool, whose downloading link is provided below.

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The tool will automatically check for the possible issues within system causing the issue and provides their automatic fix. It often works when the issue occurs because of system corruption. The tool is also helpful in getting enhance system performance.