How to fix Error Code 0xc7700112 Windows 10

In this blog we will discuss about one of the most infamous updates errors and that is Error Code 0xc7700112 Windows 10. We have given this error the adjective of infamous because it is one of the most frequently reported errors. And as per the sources users face this annoying error in different situations like some users have claimed this issue while running windows update troubleshooter or while using Windows Update Assistant on your computer and some of them believe that this error is a conflict between the present installation and an attempt to install the earlier updates.

Well it really doesn’t matter in which situation you are facing this error because we have collected some easy and effective methods to resolve this issue. So keep reading the blog till the end.

Why I am having Error Code 0xc7700112 on Windows 10?

There are so many factors that provoke the above mention error like outdated device drivers, corrupted/missing files, outdated Windows, collision of two Upgrades. Once you are aware with all potential culprits then follow our suggested methods to resolve the issue.

How to Resolve Error Code 0xc7700112 Windows 10

Method 1: Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

Windows provides so many built-in tools so you can simply run Windows Update Troubleshooter and to do so follow the below mention guidelines:

Step 1: On your keyboard press Win + I keys to open Settings> then choose Update & Security >Windows Update

Step 2: Then click “Additional Troubleshooters” on the right pane> then move to the next page, click Windows Update and then Run this Troubleshooter

Lastly follow the on-screen instructions and see if the issue resolved or not.

Method 2: Uninstall 3rd Part Apps

You are likely to face the above mention error because of the interference of third party apps, so it is recommended to uninstall the third party apps.

Here’s how:

Step 1: First of all press Windows keys and type in Control Panel and tap on Open>then Set the View by>Category, in the Programs category and tap on the Uninstall a Program option

Step 2: After that select third part apps from the list and tap on the Uninstall button at the bar at the top>finally uninstall the app by following the on-screen instructions.

Method 3: Remove Orphaned Windows Setup entries from the BCD

Several users have claimed that removing orphaned windows setup entries from the BCD worked for them. So you can also give a try to this method.

To proceed follow the below mention instructions:

Step 1: Press Window keys and type in Command Prompt and tap on Run as an Administrator

Step 2: Then press the Yes button on the User Account Control prompt window to grant admin rights to the app

Step 3: Now type in bcdedit /enum all command and press Enter key to view the entries of the orphaned Windows Setup

Step 4: After that execute the following command to collect all the available data in the text file:

bcdedit /enum all > D:\bcd.txt

Note: Here, D:\ The bcd.text file will be saved in the D partition and then replace the entry if you want to save the date in a different directory with a different name.

Step 5: Now type the following command and press the Enter key to remove the particular identifier

bcdedit /delete <identifier>

Note 1: In the place of <identifier>, you have to press Ctrl + V keys to paste the identifier you have copied.

Note 2: You can type the command bcdedit /enum all > D:\bcdConfig.txt to save all the entries to the file bcdConfig.txt in the Local Disk (D:) drive. This file can be used for reference purposes.

Method 4: Clear Microsoft Temp Directory

You are likely to face the above mention error if you have a number of files in the Microsoft Temp directory on your system. So it is suggested to clear the Microsoft Temp Directory by following the below mention guidelines:

Step 1: To open the Run dialog box press Windows + R keys >then type in C:\$Windows.~BT and tap on OK to open the folder

Step 2: Now press the Ctrl + A keys together to select all the files, then right-click on them, and select Delete option

Step 3: lick on Yes button to confirm your choice if you are prompted on the UAC window

Method 5: Disconnect Hardware Devices

Several users have claimed that unplugging device like mouse, printer, keyboard etc worked for them. So you can also try the same for getting past the Error Code 0xc7700112 Windows 10 issue.

Method 6: Repair System files

One of the most potential reasons for facing the above mention error is corrupted system files, so you can use the SFC Scan to repair your corrupted system files.

But sometimes it happens when the SFC (System File Checker) Scan fails to repair all the corrupted system files so in such case we strongly recommend you a PC Repair Tool to repair your corrupted/damaged/missing files without any hassle.

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That’s all guys, we assume that this blog was helpful you.

Thanks for Reading.

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