How to Fix Field Browser Doesn’t Contain a Valid Alias Configuration

Webpack is an open source tool that let user compile JavaScript modules. Other than compiling it can also bundle your resources, re-run the tasks as well as watch for changes. Because of these tools web development has become quite easier as compared to previous generation where developers need to learn HTML, JavaScript or CSS before building a web app.

Now all you need is a libraries and the knowledge on how to use it. In web app development, errors are quite usual while compiling resources but if the error is cause by the tool because of bug is neither frequent nor common.

However, recently users have mentioned of field browser doesn’t contain a valid alias configuration issue while compiling and if you are one of those users then don’t worry. There are various methods and solutions by which you can resolve the issue and we have listed all of them in the article below.

Method 1:  Check Typos

You need to check your whole configuration for typos or mistakes that you could have possible made. For instance, some user mentioned that they typed exports instead of export which lead them to this error.

Besides that, if you don’t have export command at the end of config file you can face the same issue. Therefore, add export default Config; code at the end and save the made changes. Now check if the error persists.

Method 2: Inspect For Correct Entry Value

A missing character could make the whole entry value invalid and this is important because Entry Value interchange the information between the alias and the server. For that reason, follow these instructions to make modification to the configuration file so the error does not appear again.

  1. Open your Config file.
  2. Move to your Entry Value.
  3. Now add ./ character if it is not there.
  4. Make sure check if the resolve value in included.
Method 3: Make Changes to Import Paths

If you have not add the ./ before the path then this might have got you field browser doesn’t contain a valid alias configuration error. To fix this do the following:

  1. Go to your Webpack Configuration.
  2. Find the following code.
  3. Import DoISuportIt from ‘ components/DoISuportIt’;
  4. Now change the code to.
  5. Import DoISuportIt from ‘ ./components/DoISuportIt’;
  6. After doing the modification, restart the NPM check for the error.
Method 4: Change the Casing

The case you are currently using might have been the reason behind your issue. Do the following modification to resolve the issue:

  1. Launch Configuration File.
  2. Locate this line.
  3. ./path/pathCoordinate/pathCoordinateForm.component
  4. Now change it to the following.
  5. ./path/pathcoordinate/pathCoordinateForm.component
  6. Compile the resources and check for the error.

The following solution is for this exact situation and might not for everyone. So, check your casing on your file paths.

Method 5: Examine your Aliases

Sometimes big issues are created by small errors and in this case your aliases could have the reason because of how easy it is to overlook them. All the aliases have their config file with names therefore examine all of them where the name has already been or not.

Most of the web developers face this issue where they have same name aliases and changing the redux on the aliases might fix them. Consequently, you need to have unique aliases when developing websites and building apps to refrain from the issue.


Web development is a complex procedure and requires lot of knowledge to develop a website or a web app. And facing syntax errors is almost a tradition for learner and beginners. If you are performing a build and have faced field browser doesn’t contain a valid alias configuration issue then don’t panic. We have listed all the possible methods and their required steps to resolve the error.