How to Fix Fortnite Ineligible for Event Error: Easy Guide

Picture this: you’re an avid Fortnite player excited about participating in an upcoming event. You’ve been preparing your strategies and looking forward to the competition. However, when you try to join the event, you’re greeted with an error message that reads, “Ineligible for Event.” This scenario is a frustrating experience faced by many Fortnite players, and it can leave you feeling left out of the action. In this article, we will delve into the potential reasons behind the “Ineligible for Event” error, decipher common error codes, and provide comprehensive solutions to help you get back into the Fortnite event.

Possible Reasons for Fortnite’s “Ineligible for Event” Error

Several factors can contribute to the “Ineligible for Event” error in Fortnite:

Account Restrictions:

Your Fortnite account may have restrictions or limitations that prevent you from participating in certain events.

Account Level:

Some events require players to reach a specific account level or experience threshold to be eligible.

Region Restrictions:

Certain events may be limited to specific regions or countries due to legal or logistical reasons.

Age Restrictions:

Events with age-sensitive content or prizes may have age restrictions that disqualify younger players.

Common Error Codes

Understanding common error codes associated with the “Ineligible for Event” error can help pinpoint the issue:

Error Code: 93:

This code often indicates an account restriction or eligibility issue.

Error Code: 91:

Code 91 typically signifies that the event is restricted based on the player’s age.

Error Code: 95:

This code may appear when a player doesn’t meet the required account level or progression.

Ways to Fix Fortnite’s “Ineligible for Event” Error

Now, let’s explore various methods to resolve the “Ineligible for Event” error in Fortnite:

Check Account Restrictions:

Start by reviewing your Fortnite account settings and ensuring that there are no restrictions or limitations that could be causing the error. Check for parental controls or any age-related restrictions.

Level Up Your Account:

If the error is due to an insufficient account level or progression, focus on leveling up your account by playing regularly and completing challenges.

Verify Your Age:

If the event has age restrictions, verify your age within your Epic Games account settings. Ensure that your date of birth is accurate.

Check Event Details:

Double-check the event details to ensure you meet all the eligibility criteria, including region-specific requirements.

Contact Support:

If you believe the error is unjustified or you’ve tried all other solutions, reach out to Epic Games’ customer support. They can investigate and potentially resolve the issue on your behalf.

Participate in Different Events:

If you’re ineligible for one specific event, consider participating in other available events that may not have the same restrictions.

Create a New Account (as a last resort):

If all else fails and you’re determined to participate in the event, you can create a new Epic Games account, but this should be a last resort as you’ll lose progress and cosmetics associated with your current account.


The “Ineligible for Event” error in Fortnite can be a disappointing hurdle for players eager to participate in special events. By understanding the possible reasons for this error, familiarizing yourself with common error codes, and following the troubleshooting steps outlined above, you can increase your chances of resolving the issue and enjoying Fortnite events without interruption. Remember to keep your account information accurate and adhere to any eligibility criteria set by the game developers to ensure a smooth gaming experience in the Fortnite universe.