How to fix Halo Infinite Battle Pass not loading, working, unlocking, levelling up, showing up

re you suffering from Halo Infinite Battle Pass not loading or Halo Infinite Battle Pass not working or Halo Infinite Battle Pass not unlocking or Halo Infinite Battle Pass not levelling up or Halo Infinite Battle Pass not showing up. Then don’t worry you are at the right place. We will try our best to provide you all the possible fixes to resolve the problem. If you are facing ay of the above mentioned issues, you can totally rely on our suggested troubleshooting methods. But before discussing the solutions and reasons let’s know more about Halo Infinite Battle Pass.


Battle Pass is one of the most important features of Halo Infinite. And it helps the players to receive outstanding rewards, vehicles, weapons.  And the seasonal rewards of Battle Pass contain special cosmetics items for the accomplishments of specific levels. So it is quite understood that how much it can be infuriating for a passionate Halo Infinite Player. Battle Pass not only offers the players awesome reward but levelling up Battle Pass opens multiple customizations options also.  But thankfully, the issue can be easily resolved. We have collected some tried and tested tips for troubleshooting the problem by investing several forums site like Reddit.

Reasons for Halo Infinite Battle Pass not loading or Halo Infinite Battle Pass not working


There can be multiple reasons for facing the above issue. But we have shortlisted few potential culprits based on several users’ experience.

  1. If you are using the out-dated version of the game then you may end up with the above issue.
  2. If you are having corrupted local Halo Infinite files then you are likely to face the Halo Infinite Battle Pass not unlocking

Troubleshooting Methods for Halo Infinite Battle Pass not loading or Halo Infinite Battle Pass not showing up

Method 1: Restart the game as well as your System

The very first thing we will suggest you is restarting the game and the system as well. Restarting the game will fix the application glitch and rebooting the system will fix the software glitch. So you can try this method and if it didn’t works for you then ump to the next solution.

Method 2: Delete the local Halo Infinite file

As we have earlier mentioned that if the local files of the game have been corrupted due to any reason then you may encounter the Halo Infinite Battle Pass not loading issue. So we highly recommend you to kindly delete the local files.

Method 3: Uninstall & Reinstall the game Again

We will suggest you if you are having the Battle Pass issue then uninstalling and then reinstalling the game on your device may solve your problem. Several users have claimed success after applying this method.

Method 4: Update the Game with the Latest Version

We always suggest users to update the game time to time. Updating the game on regular basis not only enhance the gaming experience but also prevents the user from facing other malfunctioning of the game. So kindly update your game with the latest version.

Method 5: Apply 100 XP Grant Tokens to unlock 25 levels

If you have encountered the issue after buying the Premium Battle Pass then you need to apply 100 XP Grant Tokens in order to unlock 25 levels.

Method 6: Restart your Router

If you are using a Wi-Fi, then yoyo can try to restart your Router. Restarting the Router will fix your network issue and it has been observed that sometimes a bad network leads to Halo Infinite Battle Pass not loading issue.

Method 7: Contact Support Team of Halo Infinite

If you are still struggling with Halo Infinite Battle Pass not working then contact the Support Team of Halo Infinite. They will surely help you.

Final Words

That’s all. My job is done here. And I have tried my best to give you all the required information to get past the above issue. So try the above mentioned guidelines one by one until you get the most suitable fix for the issue.

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