How to fix invalid response received youtube error?

Many users recently reported about “invalid response received youtube error”. The issue occurs in different scenarios. With that being said, there are multiple ways you can actually solve the problem. We will discuss about the reasons as well as possible fixes for the issue in this article.

About “Invalid Response Received” YouTube error

YouTube is by far the most popular video streaming platform around us. In the digital world, this application is used for almost anything including from study materials to chill to. The team behind it has been working on improving the platform and adding more feature too it for higher resolution and so on. Still, it has occasional bugs and glitches. Invalid response received youtube error is one that.

You can come across “Invalid response received” on YouTube when trying to search for a video and instead of getting the results, you see the message mentioned aforementioned. In addition to this, this error can be caused when you open certain video or in some case any video at all. Sometimes, users encounter this error message when commenting on a video, as well.

Possible reasons why the issue error

This depends on your special case. Error message during commenting on a YouTube video is most likely because of the fact that your Google account does not have a name set up contrary your web browser is not showing YouTube comments. Error message during opening a video occurs because of ad blocker setting or a third-party ad-blocker you installed.

Other possible reasons why you trigger the issue include an account timeout that may happen when the video is taking too much time to load, faulty video downloading extension or unverified account. Also, it could be the case that you have signed into another account while uploading a video to another account resulting in this error message on the screen.

Fixes for invalid response received YouTube error

#1: Refresh the page

The very first thing you should try with when you come across this error message is to refresh your page. It is possible that the query you entered was not properly submitted to the Google’s servers and because of this you encounter the invalid response received error. In this case, you should refresh the page so that it will essentially send the request again to the server and you get the response.

#2: Disable Ad Blocker Extension

As already mentioned, the invalid response received youtube error might error because of third-party ad blocker that you have installed on your browser. Disable these ad-blocking tools to verify that if they are the problematic. Here is the way how you can disable an extension:

  • Open your browser, click on Menu icon (the three vertical dots or three parallel lines),
  • From the drop down menu, choose Extensions or Add-ons,

  • On the Add-on screen, click on the browser extension you are using and disable it.

#3: Disable Bravo Shield

When the error in question occurs when opening a YouTube video, chance is that there is a problem in the browser. This issue is common for Bravo web browser as this browser has shield feature that essentially blocks any trackers as well as ads you browse the internet. What you will have to do is to disable the Brave Shield on the page to resolve the issue:

  • First of all, open the video you wish to watch,
  • Once it starts, you will “receive the invalid response received youtube error”. Disable the Brave Shield the moment by clicking the Brave icon next to the address bar,

  • Once done, go ahead and refresh the page, your video will be loaded normally.
  • Once the video starts, you can enable the Bravo Shield again.

 #4: Check Google Account Name

You might receive the error in question when posting a comment on a YouTube video. This occurs when you create Google account but don’t have a name setup. Because your Google account does not have special name, your email will be used instead that is causing the probem that you are facing. To get the fix, have an account name setup. For this, follow the below instructions:

  • Get on PC and open up a browser,
  • Go to the Google Account and sign to your Google Account,
  • On the left pane, click on Personal info option,

  • Click on the Name filed and provide your name here,

  • Once done, click on ‘Save’ button.

#5: Use a different browser

The problem can be restricted to some particular web browser you are using. The issue occurs because of the development in which case that the dev team is probably looking into it. Till the issue is fixed, you should try using a different web browser to see if the problem appears there. On the browser you are seeing the issue, you can check for the updates if available on the browser. Updates are using pushed quickly when there is issue like this.


This is all on invalid response received youtube error. We hope that the above methods provide you the fix. If you have any problem in any step of any methods aforementioned, please contact us through the comment section below.