How to fix Lensa AI Magic Avatars crashing on Startup?

n our previous blog we discussed about Lensa AI Reviews you can check the blog as we have provided ample information regarding his app. Well here in this blog we will not pay heed on the adjectives of this app. The purpose for writing this blog is to resolve one of the most frequently reported issues of users regarding the app “Lensa AI Magic Avatars crashing on Startup.”

There’s no doubt that this app has created the next level curiosity among the users especially the youth generation. But while going through several forum sites we have concluded that thousands of users are constantly sharing their issues like Lensa AI Magic Avatars crashing on Startup, “Lensa Magic Avatar has stopped working,” “Lensa Magic Avatar keeps freezing,” “Lensa Magic Avatar keeps crashing “and so on. The reports say that a number of users are facing troubles while accessing the app and if you are one of them keep scrolling the blog.

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Reasons for Lensa AI Magic Avatars crashing on Startup

Reason 1: Unstable Internet Connection

Reason 2: Lensa Magic Avatar Server Issue

Reason 3: Lensa Magic Avatar under maintenance

Try these fixes for Lensa AI Magic Avatars crashing on Startup

Method 1: Check the Server Status

Since we know that the app is new and a large number of users accessing the app at the same. It happens when so many people access any app at the same time then such things increases the traffic on the server and hence the user start facing issues while launching or using the app. While going through reviews we concluded that a Reddit user revealed that they got a 99 minute wait. Well such insane fame made the server unstable. So if you are facing the above mention issue then it’s quite possible that there is server issue.

So in such case our sincere advice is to go to the official site of this app or any other social networking site to check the server status. If you found that the server is down then you have to wait till the server gets back to work.

Method 2: Sign in to your Account again

In this method we suggest you to log into your account again and to do the same follow the below mention guidelines:

Step 1: First of all launch the Lensa app on your device> after that go to the Settings section and see if you are logged in

Step 2:  If you are logged in, log out of your account> then close the app and restart your device

Step 3: Lastly launch the app again and sign in to your account and see if the issue resolved or not

Method 3: Switch to a Different Network Connection

As we have earlier mentioned that you are likely to face the above mentioned issue of you have unstable internet connection. In such case, we suggest you to switch to another network. If you are using mobile data or hotspot then try to connect through Wi-Fi connection or vice-versa.

Ensure that your internet connection is fast and stable enough to use the app because a stable internet connection is imperative while using this app.

Method 4: Check for an App Update

If you are still struggling with Lensa AI Magic Avatars crashing on Startup then we suggest you to update your app to the latest version. Users are likely to face issues if they are running outdated version of app. So update your device by visiting Google Play Store (Android Users) or App Store (iPhone Users).

 If you found any update then update your app but if you don’t then uninstall the app restart your device and then reinstall the app and see if the issue resolved or not.

Method 5: Clear Cache of the Lensa App

Several users have claimed that removing the Lensa cache resolved their issue so you can also give a try to this method.

In order to clear the cache of the Lensa Magic Avatar, you need to go to settings> Apps> Lensa >clear Cache.

Related Queries!

Do you have to pay for Lensa avatars?

Yes, we have to pay some dollars for availing the app services. The app provides weekly, monthly and yearly subscriptions for the users.

How do you use magic avatar on Lensa?

Follow the below mention guidelines to set your selfies on Lensa AI:

Step 1: First of all download the app from your App Store> Open the app and skip through several screens showing you what it can do

Step 2: After that you will be asked if you want to subscribe for £36.99 per year. But you can sign up for the free trials as it cut the price of Magic Avatars in half. Just remember to cancel if that’s all you need

Step 3: You will be prompted with Magic Avatar, so select Try Now. If this does not appear, press the yellow box labeled “Magic Avatars” on the Photos app

Step 4: Once you have agreed the terms and conditions, you need to upload 10 to 20 selfies. In order to get best results mix and match the facial expressions, angles and backgrounds. And make sure you are the only person in shot each time. Double check what you have selected before proceeding.

Step 5: Select your gender to help the AI along, and then it’s time to pay up which is between £3.49 and £6.99 depending on how many avatars you want but note that the price is halved if you subscribe- even on a free trial.

Step 6: Finally upload and wait for the results and then close the app and you will be notified when it’s ready.

How to get Lensa AI for free?

Well as we have earlier mentioned that the app is not free, you have to pay some dollars to avail the services. But you can get the free trial for this app.

That’s all about Lensa AI Magic Avatars crashing on Startup; we assume you liked the blog.