How to fix Messages not working on Mac problem?

iMessage is one of many unique features of Apple products. It is basically a messaging app for iPhones, iPads and Macs. It allows you to send messages easily to and from the computer to any other devices that are using the iMessage protocol. Messages usually work fine. But, sometimes there are issues encountered by users that prevent the messages not working on Mac.

This usually manifests as an inability to send messages through the app or times out when sending messages that take forever or failed attempts at sending messages from the Mac. In all the cases, messages not working on Mac or as expected. This article provides you troubleshoot steps for this issue.

Facing messages not working on Mac issue? here is the solution

Look at the below mentioned troubleshoot methods to fix messages not working on Mac, starting from the basic to the bit more complex one.

Method1: Make sure you have an internet connection

iMessage working requires internet connection, no matter it is WI-FI, Ethernet, or a personal hotspot. There should be an active and functioning internet connection. So, before doing anything else, make ensure that your Mac is connected to the internet and the internet connection works.

Method2: Restart your device

Sometimes, all that you require is to refresh some of the apps so that they work again. Just click on the Apple menu, select Restart to reboot your Mac. After the restart, open the iMessage app and see if the problem “messages not working on Mac” is gone.

Method3: Enable Apple ID/ iCloud on your Mac

It may possible messages not working on Mac because you haven’t an Apple ID, which is equivalent to iCLoud for Mac. This is necessary for using iMessage app. So, make ensure if you configured the correct Apple ID on your Mac:

  • Click on Apple menu and select System Preferences,
  • Go to the iCloud setting and check if your Mac has the proper Apple ID in use.

Method4: Disable and Re-enable iMessage

For many users, disabling and then re-enabling iMessage on the Mac resolved the connection specific issue to iMessage on the Pac. Here is how you can do that:

  • Open the iMessage application,
  • Pull down the Messages menu and select Preferences,
  • Go the iMessage tab,
  • Check if Apple ID is set properly and then un-tick the Enable this account option to disable it,
  • Then, open it again and return to the setting to enable it again.

Method5: Sign out and Sign back in again to the iMessage app

Aside disabling and enabling iMessage app, you can also opt for signing out from IMesage on your Mac then sign in again. Many a user got a fix for messages not working on Mac simply by using this:

  • Open the Message app on your Mac,
  • Pull down to the Message menu and select Preferences,
  • Now, under the iMessge tab, choose Sign-out,

  • Quit messages and launch the app again,
  • Return back to the iMessage preferences and sign-back into the Apple ID for iMessage.

Method6: Check if Message forwarding is enabled on your iPhone

Changes are that if you are using Mac, you are also using an iPhone. If you are encountering messages not working on Mac, you should check for the Message Forwarding option. This option should be enabled on your phone so that it can relay those messages to your Mac and vice versa.

Method7: Check if iMesage also works on your iPhone or iPad

Sometimes, the problem is not the Mac. You should make sure that the iMessage is working on the iPhone as well. In case iMessages on your Mac and on your iPhone both are malfunctioning, the problem is with the software itself. It is possible that the Apple iMessage servers are down during the moment you encountered messages not working on Mac issue.

There could be a syncing problem between the devices due to which the messages are not being sent. So, if your iMessage is not syncing between your iPhone and Mac, you should focus much on the syncing problem and resolutions. On the other hand, if messages won’t be sent, that probably because of internet issue.


That’s all about messages not working on Mac. We hope that the above methods would help you in getting the fix for this issue. Many of users experienced the error got the fix from the one of the aforementioned solutions provided. If the issue still persists, you might have to Apple Support.

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