How to Fix Microphone not Plugged in Windows 10/Windows11

Here in this blog, it is discussed about the situation when microphone plugged in your Windows 10 or Windows 11 work-station doesn’t work or it shows error messages such as microphone not plugged in. In general, most of the microphones are plug and play device and it doesn’t requires any additional software or drives for functioning. A regular audio driver of the Windows is enough to play all kind of microphones. However, some time the sound settings show “Not plugged in” corresponding to the Microphone.

When you notice Microphone not plugged in windows 10/11, the first thing you should confirm regarding the physical connection of port and microphone. Make sure that the wire is torn and port or jack is not loose. Once it is confirmed that the physical connection is intact, you can follow the below steps one by one.

Run the “Recording Audio Troubleshooter”

The issues related to microphone in Windows OS can be easily detected and fixed using the inbuilt tool named as “Recording Audio Troubleshooter”. The steps to run this tool is as follow.

For Windows 10

Go to “Start” > Settings > Updates and Security > Troubleshoot > Additional Troubleshooter

Find “Recording Audio Troubleshooter” from the list and run it

For Windows 11

Right click the “Start” > Settings > System > Troubleshoot > Other Troubleshooters

Click on “Run” adjacent to “Recording audio troubleshooter”

Try Audio Driver Update

Sometime it happens that the audio driver of the PC is obsolete and hence it the system fails to detect the microphone. So, the solution is to install the latest compatible driver. You can visit the respective official website of the microphone company you are using and find the driver. This could be a cumbersome process especially if you are novice.

The best alternative to choose the audio driver manually is to use an automatic driver update or download application. This will do a quick scan of the system and will automatically update or download a new driver if required.

⇓ Get Automatic Driver Update Tool

Disconnected Other Attached Hardware

When any other device is connected with the USB, it could create problem in microphone detection by the OS. So, you just have to disconnect the USB devices if that is the case.

Give Permission to All Apps for Accessing Microphone

Some time it happens that you are not allowing the microphone to connect with the other audio apps simply because the setting is disabled. To fix this issue, you have to go to the setting page and switch to access to microphone as “On”. The steps has been elaborated below.

For Windows 10

Click on “Start” > go to “Settings” > Privacy > Microphone

Select “Allow Apps to Access Your Microphone” and turn its switch to “ON”

For Windows 11

Go to START and right click to open settings > Privacy and Security > Microphone

Turn “On” the microphone switch access

Enable the Disabled Microphone

The error or pop-ups related to microphone not plugged in windows 10/windows11 simply occurs because the microphone is disabled. In that case, you have to enable the microphone. The steps are as follow.

Open Run window and type command control panel.

Choose Sound and then select Sound properties. Go to “Recording” tab and right click anywhere on the screen to select “Show Disabled Devices”. In case if it shows microphone to be disabled, toggle it to enable.

Final Conclusion

The issue related to microphone not plugged in is basically because of driver issue or due to inaccessibility of microphone. In order to enable the microphone access, the depth elaboration with steps has been discussed above.

On the other hand, if microphone access is enabled and all the hardware is intact then the issue is with the driver. In that case, it is recommended to update the audio and microphone driver using an automatic driver update tool.

I hope this article helped you to fix your problem and now your microphone is working well without any error or connectivity issue. Do share this blog on your social media platform so that other also get benefited.

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