How to fix MSTeams.exe Bad Image Error Code 0xc0000020 Windows 11

“C:\ProgramFiles\WindowsApps\MicrosoftTeams_21239.300.960.1678_x64_8wekyb3d8bbwe WebView2Loader.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error. Try installing the program again using the original installation media or contact your system administrator or the software vendor for support. Error status 0xc0000020”

The above mentioned error message has been reported by several users when they try to run Microsoft Teams or click on the chart icon in the Taskbar. And if you are also looking for a troubleshooting guide to tackle MSTeams.exe Bad Image Error Code 0xc0000020 Windows 11 then keep reading the blog till the end. But Before proceeding with its causes and its troubleshooting methods let’s discuss about Bad Image Error.

What is Bad Image Error?

Bad Image Error occurs when Windows fails to run the programs that users tried running on their device. Well this error occurs mainly if the file is either not chosen to run on Windows or it contains an error due to files and libraries needed to run the program being corrupted due to an update.

What Causes MSTeams.exe Bad Image Error Code 0xc0000020 on Windows 11?

After researching a lot about the error we concluded that there are multiple factors that provoke the error like corrupted system files, corrupted installation of Microsoft Teams. And we have also gathered some tried and tested methods to resolve the error so without any further delay let’s gets started with the discussion.

Troubleshooting Methods for MSTeams.exe Bad Image Error Code 0xc0000020 Windows 11

Method 1: Disable Microsoft Teams from the Start Apps

In the first method we suggest you to disable Microsoft Teams from the startup apps and to do so follow the below mention guidelines:

Step 1: Navigate to Desktop by pressing Windows + D keys together>then right-click somewhere on the empty space and click Personalize from its context menu

Step 2: Scroll down the Personalization Page and click Start>Now on the Startup Page, click on Show Recently Opened items in Start, Jump Lists and File Explorer toggle button to turn it off

Step 3: Now close the Startup Page>In order to disable MS Teams from Startup, open Task Manager window by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys together

Step 4: Tap the Startup apps tab and search for MS Teams from the list>Right-Click on it and click Disable from the context menu

Step 5: It will disable Microsoft Teams from launching at the system startup>once done then finally you can close Task Manager Window now.

Method 2: Perform SFC Scan & DISM to restore health

In this method we suggest you to run utility tools to scan your system files and to do the same you can follow the below mention instructions:

To Run SFC Tool

Step 1: On your keyboard press Win + R keys together to open the Run command>then type in cmd in it and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter keys together

Step 2: Then accept the UAC prompt on the screen to continue>now type in sfc/scannow and press Enter key

Step 3: It will start checking for all the corrupted files on your system and then it will fix it>once done type the below mention command and press Enter

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

Step 4: It will restore the system’s health>once done then close the command prompt

Method 3: Repair or Reset Microsoft Teams app

You are likely to face the above mention issue if there is some internal issues with the Microsoft Teams. So follow the below mention guidelines to repair/reset Microsoft Teams on your system.

Step 1: On your keyboard press Window keys and type installed apps>select the Installed Apps system settings from the search results

Step 2: It will launch the installed apps page on your system>then type Microsoft Teams in the search bar>then select Microsoft Teams app from the search results and tap the three horizontal dots to get more options

Step 3: Select Advanced Options from the list

Step 4: Then scroll down the Advanced Options page to Reset section, click Repair button once which starts repairing Microsoft Teams app

Step 5: Check if the issue resolved or not, if not then click Reset button

Method 4: Repair Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime

If you are still struggling with MSTeams.exe Bad Image Error Code 0xc0000020 Windows 11 then it is recommended to repair Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime by following the below mention instructions:

Step 1: On your keyboard press Windows keys and type installed apps>after that press Enter key to open the installed apps page on your system

Step 2: On the installed page, search for Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime by typing in the search bar>now click three horizontal dots of the Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime and tap Modify

Step 3: It will open up the Repair Window and starts repairing when you click Repair

Method 5: Reinstall Microsoft teams

Several users have claimed that uninstalling and then reinstalling the Microsoft Teams can resolve the above mention error. You can follow the below mention steps to proceed:

Step 1: First of all launch the Settings app and navigate to Apps>Installed Apps

Step 2: Then scroll down to find Microsoft Teams and click on the three dot button and select Uninstall

Step 3: Once you are done with the installation, then go to download and reinstall it on your system and check if the issue resolved or not.

Best Recommended Solution for Windows Issues

If none of the above mentioned manual methods works for you and you are still struggling with the above mention error, so considering your situation we strongly recommend you a professional PC Repair Tool to scan the repositories. It will not only fix the current issue but will also immune your machine from several malfunctioning of Windows.

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Final Words

That’s all about MSTeams.exe Bad Image Error Code 0xc0000020 Windows 11. We really hope that you liked the blog. Thanks for Reading.

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