How to fix Opera GX installer not working issue

While going through several reputed forums site like Reddit we found that users have frequently reported that Opera GX installer not working. When we dive deep into the error we concluded that the error does not get encountered frequently and don’t have any obvious reason to occur. But as per the reports, users encounter the error when they attempt to update or install the browser on your Windows PC. Some of the users have claimed that there are some instances whereby installer just lags about twenty minutes which eventually results in the above issue while some of the users have claimed that after running the installer and waiting for it to load for an extended period of time, they are prompted with the above mention error.

Well it’s a known thing that we cannot download Opera GX offline so considering this we have enlisted some effective troubleshooting methods to get past the error. So let’s get started without any further delay.

Try these fixes for Opera GX installer not working

Method 1: Change the folder directory

In this method we suggest you to change the folder directory and to do so follow the below mention guidelines:

Step 1: Go to Opera GX’s webpage, in order to download the browser and then tap the download button.

Step 2: When the executable file is downloaded then double-click on it to run it

Step 3: Before Pressing Accept and Install button, tap on Options

Step 4: Click on Change next to the Path to edit the directory in which you will save the browser and then continue with the installation process

Method 2: Switch Networks

Another effective method to fix Opera GX installer not working is just switching the Networks. As several users have claimed that they were able to download the gaming browser smoothly just after changing their networks. So in order to get past the above issue we suggest you to follow the same method.

To do so you need to switch your networks, click on the Wi-Fi icon from the Taskbar to open the Quick Settings menu. But keep in mind you can also use a hotspot connection to download the browser.

Method 3: Create a New User

If you are still struggling with the error then you really need to create a new user account and then check if the issue resolved or not. But if you get past the error then it simply means that your previous account was corrupted.

Benefits of using Opera GX

Opera GX has been designed in such a way that it has a potential to enhance the gamers experience. It has been equipped with some advance features that literally improves of quality of game without affecting the gaming performance.


That’s all about Opera GX installer not working. I have tried my best to provide you all the possible fixes to resolve the issue and now it’s your turn to get past the issue by following our guidelines.

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