How to fix PotPlayer brightness not working? [Guide on PotPlayer brightness shortcut]

PotPlayer’ is a multimedia software player developed for the Microsoft Windows Operating System. The player competes against other media players available for the Windows Operating System like VLC Media Player, KMPlayer, SMPlayer and Media Player Classic.

As per the reports the users are quite contented with their experience with PotPlayer. But while going through several forum sites we have concluded that some users have reported PotPlayer brightness not working. If you are also on the same boat then don’t worry as PotPlayer has a built-in feature from which you can improve, increase & decrease the brightness, contrast and saturation. All these settings can resolve your video related issues.

You can follow the below mention guidelines if PotPlayer brightness not working or you desire to increase brightness in PotPlayer.

Step 1: First of all launch PotPlayer & run the video you want to change the brightness settings>Now on the lower right-hand corner, tap on the Settings icon or simply press F7 as a shortcut key on the home screen of PotPlayer and navigate to the Control Panel.

Step 2: After that a new window Control Panel will open> on the top menu, tap on Video

That’s how you can change the brightness, contrast, saturation and color of your video.

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PotPlayer brightness shortcut for Windows

Well in PotPlayer 78 most important shortcuts are available. We have enlisted all the imperative shortcuts, you can check:

Function Key Shortcuts

F1- About PorPlayer

F2           Browse Folder

F3           Open

F4           Close

F5           Preference

F6           PlayList On/Off

F7           Equalizer Settings

F12         File Navigator

Standard Keyboard Controls

‘               Skip Setup

<             Subtitle Sync 0.5 Second Slower

>             Subtitle Sync 0.5 Second Faster

/              Subtitle Sync Default

Spacebar             Play/Pause

Q             Image Properties: Reset

C             Speed Faster

X             Speed Slower

W            Brightness Decrease 1%

E              Brightness Increase 1%

R             Contrast Decrease 1%

T              Contrast Increase 1%

Y              Saturation Decrease 1%

U             Saturation Increase 1%

I               Color Decrease 1%

O             Color Increase 1%

P             Add Bookmark

A             Audio Stream Option

S              PixelShader Option

D             Move Previous Frame

F              Move Next Frame

G             Move into Potition

H             View Bookmark

J              Video Aspect Ratio Option

K             Snapshot/capture Option

L              Select Subtitle

Shift+P PreResize Pixel Shader On/Off

Ctrl+X    Filter Control Condition

Ctrl+C    Copy Snapshot to Clipboard

Ctrl+V   Flip Input Picture On/Off

Ctrl+B    Blur On/Off

Ctrl+N   Denoise 3D On/Off

Ctrl+M  Temporary Denoise On/Off

Ctrl+I     Image Level Control On/Off

Ctrl+J     Turn to Camera Device

Ctrl+H   Remove Color Blocks On/Off

Ctrl+G   Continuos Image Capture

Ctrl+F    Filter Settings

Ctrl+D   Play DVD

PgUp     Play Previous File

PgDn     Play Next File

Up Arrow            Volume Up

Down Arrow      Volume Down

Left Arrow           5 Seconds Backward

Right Arrow        5 Seconds Forward

Backspace           Move to Starting Point

[/]           AB Repeat Timing

\              AB Repeat On/Off

Shift+< Audio Sync 0.05 Second Slower

Shift+> Audio Sync 0.05 Second Faster

Enter     Fullscreen

Shift+’   Skip Playback on/off

Shift+G Audio Recording

Shift+D Noise On/Off

Shift+S  Scene Explorer

Shift+A Audio Filter On/Off

Shift+X Voice Processing Filter On/Off

Shift+C Crystalization On/Off

Shift+V Voice Filter On/Off

Shift+N Normalized On/Off

Ctrl+Z    Mirror Image On/Off

Numeric Keyboard Shortcuts

1              Screen Size: 0,5

2              Screen Size: 1

3              Screen Size: 1.5xx

4              Screen Size: 2x

5              Screen Size: Maximum

6              Screen Size: Maximum Size/Current Size

7              Screen Size: Maximum Size

9              Original Video Size

0              Screen Size Editing

What to do PotPlayer looks washed out?

So many users have reported the above mentioned grievance and if you are too annoyed with this issue then we suggest you to enable HDR in Windows 10 under Display Settings.

In order to enable HDR in Windows 10, you can follow the below mention guidelines:

Step 1: First of all open the Windows 10 Start Menu> Select Settings which is represented by a gear icon.

Step 2:  The Settings will open, you need to select System

Step 3: Now you will get Display Settings>then scroll down until you see Windows HD Color Section.

Step 4: Finally flip the Use HDR toggle to On

Turning the Use HDR toggle to On will force your monitor to turn off and back on, or flicker as it changes to its own HDR mode. It will take hardly few seconds.

That’s all about PotPlayer brightness not working, hope you liked the blog and this auricle was helpful for you.

Sakshi Anant Author