How to fix Realtek HD Audio Manager Mic not working/connecting issue?

Realtek HD Audio Manager Mic needs no introduction as it is quite popular among the users around the globe. But despite of having the best features it’s sad to know that users are not completely contended with their experience. While going through several forum sites we found so many users have shared that they are facing Realtek HD Audio Manager Mic not working issue which is quite annoying for them. Users have mentioned that they plugged their headset into their PC but they can’t hear anything.

After researching a lot about the users we concluded that there could be many reason for facing the Realtek HD Audio Manager Mic not detecting issue such as inappropriately installed audio driver, disabled microphone for a specific application, audio device is not correctly connected, microphone is muted, compatibility issues between audio enhancements and the Realtek audio driver, either the microphone of your device or the audio port is corrupted or if the microphone driver is missing.

Well if you are also facing the same issue due to any of the reasons don’t panic follow our suggested guidelines to resolve the issue.

How to Resolve Realtek HD Audio Manager Microphone not working issue?

Method 1: Check if the Microphone is disabled

You are likely to face above mention issue if the Realtek Microphone is not set as the default device on your Windows and in order to resolve the issue, you can follow the below mention guidelines:

Step 1: First of all right-click on the Microphone icon toward the end of the right-hand side of the taskbar and tap on Open Volume Mixer

Step 2: Tap on System Sounds and it will open a new pop-up Window named Sound> In the Window Setting, go to the Recording tab>right-click on a space under the tab and tick Show Disabled Devices to ensure that the Microphone comes up in the list of devices.

Step 3: Now highlight the microphone by clicking on it> and then click on Set Default & Default Devices

Step 4: You can also check if the microphone is disabled by right-clicking. If it is disabled, tap on Enable for your microphone to start working

Method 2: Run Sound Troubleshooter

In this method we suggest you to run the sound troubleshooter by following the below mention steps:

Step 1: Right-click on the speaker icon on the right side of the Taskbar and click on Troubleshoot Sound Problems

Step 2: The troubleshooter will automatically detect any issues you have with your audio device and recommend a solution for you

Step 3: Wait till the process gets completed, read the instructions and select the most practical option for you.

Method 3: Tick the “Listen to This Device” option

In this method we suggest you to tick the “Listen to This Device” option and to do the same follow the below mention guidelines:

Step 1: Tap on the Windows icon and then Settings> then tap on System>Sound

Step 2: Under Input in the Sound Window, tap on Device Properties

Step 3: In the Related Settings, tap on Additional device Properties, and a pop-up Window Microphone Properties will pop-up

Step 4: Navigate to the Listen tab and then tick the box labeled Listen to this device

Method 4: Re-enable Microphone in Device Manager

Several users have claimed that re-enabling microphone on device manager works for them, so you can also try the same.

Here’s how:

Step 1: First of all open Run dialog box on your PC using Windows + R keys and type in devmgmt.msc and then click on OK. It will open the Device Manager

Step 2: Under the Device Manager, find Audios, Inputs and Outputs>click on it to show the drop down list

Step 3: Now from the list, locate your microphone and right-click and then select Disable Device

Step 4: Then wait for some time and right-click on the Microphone again> this time select Enable Device

Method 5: Modify Privacy Settings of your Microphone

If you are still struggling with Realtek HD Audio Manager Mic not detecting it is suggested to change the Privacy Settings of your Microphone.

Here’s how:

Step 1: To open the Settings press Windows + I keys>click on Privacy. On the left hand side of the privacy window, you will get a list, select Microphone

Step 2: Under the Microphone tab, under Allow apps to access your Microphone, tap on Change to check if the switch for Microphone access for this device is turned offWhen it is turned off, turn it On

Step 3: Then scroll down to see if the switch for the Allow apps to access your Microphone is turned off> if it is turned off, turn it on

Step 4: Now scroll down to select which apps can access tour microphone and make sure that all apps you want to access the microphone are switched on.

Method 6: Increase Microphone Volume

We also suggest you to check the volume of your sound device. If it is muted or too low, simply increase the volume of the audio device.

Method 7: Check Microphone Connection

Well if the microphone you are using is an external one then in such case we suggest you to try to connect the device to check if it’s working or just connect the microphone to another PC to check if the microphone is faulty. You may also face the issue because of faulty jack. So in order to confirm that the jack is not faulty connect a Bluetooth device and see if the issue resolved or not.

Method 8: Check Sound Settings of your Microphone

In this method it is suggested to check the sound settings of the microphone by following the below mention guidelines:

Step 1: There is a speaker icon located at the far right hand side of the taskbar> right-click on it and select Sound> this would open the Recording tab

Step 2: Under the recording tab, tap on the Microphone & Properties. A tab named Microphone Properties will open up.

Method 3: Go to the tab named Levels and increase both the Microphone Volume and also that of the Microphone Boost

Step 4: In the Microphone Properties, navigate to the next tab named Enhancements and see the box labeled Immediate Mode

Step 5: Now click OK and proceed to restart your PC

Method 9: Update All Related Drivers of your Microphone

If none of the above mentioned methods works for you we suggest you to update all the driver of your PC. Here’s how:

Step 1: Using Windows + X keys to open Device Manager and click on Device Manager>click on Audios, Inputs and Outputs

Step 2: From the drop down menu, right-click on your Microphone and choose Update Driver

Step 3: Now click on Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software in the next Window and this will install the latest driver software for your microphone automatically.

Step 4: Once done, restart your PC and see if the issue resolved or not

Alternatively, you can also go for an automatic driver tool to update your drivers. This is an expert tool and will resolve all the driver related requirements of your PC in just few clicks.

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That’s all about Realtek HD Audio Manager Mic not working, we have tried our best to provide all the required methods to resolve the above mention issue. Hope you liked this blog. Thanks for Reading.