How to Fix Roku History Channel Is Not Working [METHODS]

Roku is a digital video streaming device that can connect to any external monitor and transform it into a smart television. If offers a large variety of normal cable TV channels as well as OTT platforms like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max and others. User can purchase a subscription based service to access all of them on their platform. It also has a clean user interface which gives new user chance to learn and navigate its library.

Roku has a huge library of movies, TV shows as well as applications that user can download and install from it digital store. However, recently some users have reported of Roku history channel not working issue. Due to this they are not able to access the popular History Channel on their device. While the reason for the issue has not been addressed by the developers but we hope it will on a later data.

If you are one of those unfortunate users that are not able to access their History channel then don’t worry. For that reason, we have listed all the possible methods and solution that you can follow and resolve your issue.

How to Get Rid of Roku History Channel Issue

As mentioned above, the cause for the problem is not specific and could differ from user to user basis. Therefore these are the workaround and methods that you can use:

Method 1: Restart Television and Roku Device

One of the most common reasons why issue like this happen is because of temporary bugs and glitches within TV system or Roku streaming device. And the best way to fix them is by performing a clean restart of both your device.

To restart your Television, simply press the Power button on your remove and turn it on again by pressing the same Power button. And to restart Roku, follow these steps:

  1. Press Home button on Roku remote.
  2. Now press the Up arrow key and select Settings.
  3. Press OK on the remote button to confirm.
  4. Move to System by navigation keys and choose System Restart.
  5. Confirm again by clicking OK button on the remote.
Method 2: Check Internet Connection

As you already know that Roku needs stable and fast internet connection and speed to work as intended and if the connection is weak or unstable them it might be the cause of the issue. If you have connected Roku with wireless connection like Wifi then check the signal strength it receives.

And if the connection strength is proper, then you might need to re-configure your Wifi settings. In addition to that you can also switch your connection type from Wifi to Ethernet cable with proper and strong bandwidth connection. Now, check if this helped you to resolve the problem.

Method 3: Reset Network Settings to Default

If you have a proper, stable and fast internet connection then there might be some misconfiguration in the settings option. To reset all the settings to default configuration follow these steps:

  1. Press Home button on Roku remote and choose Settings.
  2. Now select Network settings.
  3. Move to set up connection and open Wireless settings.
  4. Now choose Scan again to see all networks option.
  5. Select your network and disconnect.
  6. Go to your network again and type the password to connect.
  7. This will reset your connection settings, open History channel and check if the issue occurs.
Method 4: Update Roku to Latest Version

If you are currently using an old or outdated version on Roku then this might explain the reason behind Roku history channel app not working issue. Therefore, update your Roku to latest version by following these instructions:

  1. On Roku remote control, press Home button.
  2. Choose System option and move to System Update.
  3. Now using navigational buttons, select Check Now option.
  4. If there are update available then, download and install the update by following on-screen steps.
Method 5: Factory Reset Roku

If one of the methods worked for you then the last option remaining with you is to reset your whole device to factor default by following these mentioned steps:

  1. Open Settings option in Roku using remote control.
  2. Now move to System settings.
  3. Choose Advanced System Settings.
  4. From navigational key, select factory reset.
  5. Follow the procedure and reset your device.
  6. After the device is reset, configure back the settings to its old preference and check if the error persisted.


Contacting Customer support is another viable method you can use to resolve Roku history channel not working but it might complicate things. Other than that, you can follow all the listed methods and their steps in the article above to fix the issue without any hassle.

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