How to fix STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION error on Google Chrome?

any Chrome users have experience an error leading crashing of web-page of which they are on. They see a message that says “Aw, Snap! Error Code STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION”. In this article, we will provide you fix for the STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION error and let you know more about it.

What is STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION error? What does it mean?

STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION error is the case of mishandling of an error where an unspecified program code registers for memory without any proper authority. Since it is a mishandling of code management, Google shut it down for some time ago. However, due to request of many, the feature enabled again.

If you are facing the same issue, firstly, try not to be panic! The error is not so critical and has an easy solution as we move in the article. Since there could be various reasons for the STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION error, different solutions are there for the fix of the same.

 Before we start and provide you different solutions, we want you to point out the fact that these issues will not be working if the problem happens because of system files or registry errors, problems with certain programs and applications, malware infection, BSODs or DLLs errors and other system issues.

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Methods to fix STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION error

As already said, the STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION error occurs for multiple reasons and so you have to see this problem for the fix with different methods. These are provided below:

Update the browser-in-use

There might be bug due to which STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION error happens and devs might have already fixed this bug. So, you just need to update your web browser and see if the problem persists:

 You can check for the update by opening Chrome://Settings in the URL bar and then clicking on About Chrome option. Chrome will automatically check for the update and download it for you.

Renaming Browser Executable File

Some users who encountered with STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION error reported that renaming chrome.exe did fix the issue. So, you before you do anything, go ahead and rename the executable file. The method is provided below:

  • On Start menu, search for Chrome,
  • Select Open file location command,

  • Under the location, find chrome.exe file and rename with anything of your choice.

  • Reopen the web browser and check the website.

Switch to stable version

Unstable or Canary versions of Chrome have bleeding-edge features that often cause problems. So, if you are using this version, switch to a stable version:

  • Click Windows + R simultaneously to open Run window,
  • Type in appwiz.cpl and click OK,

  • Select Chrome Canary in the Control Panel and click on Uninstall,

  • Now, download the latest version of the stable Chrome browser,
  • Install it and checks if the STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION error vanishes,

If you are already on Stable, you should try beta or the Canary builds of the Chrome. They might have a fix for the issue.

Disable Browser Extensions

Extensions are known to be manipulative in terms error generation. The change of browser extensions to be problematic is much high because the STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION error is an error of bad error handling in coding program that could be because of bad chrome extension.

The simple solution for this is to disable the extension to be problematic. For this, you have to disable all extensions and enable them one-by-one. By this, you can figure out what extensions are actually causing the problem. Here are the steps to disable Chrome extensions:

  • Launch Chrome and open three dot appears on the top-right corner of the page,
  • Hover over the “More Tools” option and select Extension,

  • Under it, you will see all installed browser extensions,
  • Toggle off the button to disable them all.

Switch to different web browser

This is an option if the STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION is a browser-specific issue. Some good alternatives you have are Chromium and Firefox.

We have provided you all possible solution for STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION error. Many people reported that the issue was found only on the latest build of Chrome browser. However, previous versions can show this issue as well.

In case, you face this issue over and over again, you should switch to some other web browser. We are waiting for the some solutions from the developers of Chrome. If there is any, we will let you know with the update of our article or with a new article’s post.