How to fix steam missing file privileges issue?

Users are experiencing an error while updating/ installing their Steam games. They reported that an error message pop-ups stating that steam missing file privileges while they are giving the path to that file. This error can occur because of number of reasons depending on the player’s hardware and software configurations. It is not a major issue and you can easily perform the fix from the listed solutions provided below.

Possible solutions for steam missing file privileges issue

Solution 1: Stop igfxEm process

igfxEM stands for Intel Graphical Executable Main module. It is an .exe file that acts as a middleman between the Intel Graphics and the user. It is found in C:\\Windows\System32\igdxEm.exe. If the executable is found on somewhere else, it is most probably a malware or a Trojan which can be harmful to the system. Users reported that stopping this service and restarting the steam helped their problem to go away:

  • Press Windows + R, and type in taskmgr in the opened dialogue box to open Task Manager,
  • In the Task Manager, look for tab of process and from the list search for igfxEM,
  • End this service and then restart the steam using administrator and start the download again and see if the problem is fixed.

Solution 2: Change the download region

Sometimes, servers in specific region may be overloaded or may be going through hardware failure and this is causing steam missing file privileges. Changing the download region may solve the problem in question:

  • Open Steam and go to the Settings,
  • Select Download and navigate to Download Region,
  • Select other regions than that of your own and restart the Steam.

Solution 3: Give admin privileges to Steam

Steam requires two important things – Read and Write to smooth properly. Sometimes, computer automatically treats Steam as a Read-Only program, it won’t be able to write on different files the ten and get stuck while downloading/ updating game. Grant Steam administrators privileges and check if the problem gets solved:

  • Press Windows+ R to launch Run and in the dialogue box type C:\Program Files\Steam (the Steam directory),
  • Once in the Steam folder, right-click on it and select properties,
  • Browse to the Security tab the then and click on Advanced option,
  • From a table shown to you, you can edit first 4 rows and last two are not editable. Click on the row and click on the Edit button,
  • Check all options in the form of checkboxes appear on the windows next to,
  • Then, Click Apply, save changes and exit.
  • Do the same for all the four rows and exit after changing and finally re-launch the Steam by clicking Steam.exe and clicking on Run as administrator.

Solution 4:  Grant full control to the affected file

Another remedy for steam missing file privileges is to find the affected file and grant It full access. In the previous method, we’ve provided steps to grant full access to all the folders and sub-folders in Steam directory. If you have a problem in that method, you can pinpoint the file and only grant it full access so that the missing file privileges error go away:

  • To pinpoint the file, look at the error. The exact address is mentioned as:

C:\\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\downloading\47890\EP11\Game.

  • Once you have located the file, follow the steps mentioned in the previous solution and grant it full access and then Restart the device and check if the problem is gone.

Solution 5: Repair Library Folder and verify integrity

It is possible that your Steam folder may get corrupt or not configured properly. There could also be a cause that your game files may not be complete and some may be missing due to some reason. So, verify integrity of Game files to fix your install if there are some corrupt or missing game files. The repairing library option will refresh the files list and help in registering those files unregistered:

  • Open Steam Client, click on Steam and select Settings,
  • Once in the settings, navigate to the Downloads tab and click on Stem Library Folders,
  • The opened windows tell you the locations where the Steam is installed and the storage/ spaces the steam is using. Right-click and select Repair Steam Library,
  • After that, move on to verify the integrity of the game files present. Exit the settings and click on the Library tab in the Steam client,
  • Right-click on the game which is giving you the error and select properties,
  • Browse to the local file tab and click on verify integrity of the game files option. Steam will verify the files and download those files that are missing and corrupted and replace them.

Solution 6: Delete files through Safe Mode

If the problem persists, delete the downloaded files so that Steam can download them from scratch. Another step is to refresh the Steam installation. Entering through the safe mode will disable any extra running software and allow you perform admin actions more easily:

  • Note down the file path of the file that is giving trouble and then enter your computer in the safe mode,
  • Once successfully entered in the Safe Mode, navigate to the file location we suggested to note down,
  • Once you are in the Steamapps, click on the folder saying download and delete all the contents in it,
  • Restart the computer thereafter and start the steam using admin access,
  • Verify the library and integrity of the games thereafter through the methods same as discussed above.

Solution 7: Clear the Download Cache

In some situations, steam might have acquired some bad cache which is causing steam missing file privileges in the particular case. In this case, log into your steam account and then clear out its cache and check if the problem is gone:

  • Launch Steam and log-in with your credentials,
  • Click on the Steam option and then select Settings,
  • Now, Click on Downloads and then on Clear Downloads cache option,
  • Then, click Ok in the prompt and wait for the cache to be cleared.

Solution 8: Allow through Firewall and Antivirus

Your antivirus or firewall might be preventing some functions of the Steam app from being able to connect to the internet. Thus, in this case, you should allow steam through the Firewall and add an exception in the Windows Defender and replicate this to the Antivirus as well:

  • Press Windows+ R to launch Run, Type in Control Panel therein and click OK to launch classical control panel interface,
  • Click on View by button, select the large icons and then click on the Windows Defender Firewall option,
  • Select the Allow an app or feature through the firewall button and then on Change settings and accept the prompt,
  • Make sure the then you check both the Public and Private options for the Steam app and then Save the changes and exit out the window,
  • Thereafter, press Windows+ T to launch settings and click on Update and Security,
  • Click on Windows Security and then on the Virus and Threat protection button,
  • Select Manage Settings under the Virus and Threat Protection settings and scroll down to find Add or Remove Exclusions and click on it,
  • Click on Add an Exclusive option after that and select Folder in the File type,
  • Specify the Steam installation folder and exit out the window after confirming the changes.

Solution 9: Diagnose Background apps

Steam may be getting this error because of certain apps or services running on the background. Clean boot your device and diagnose any third party interface with Steam during that mode to see if this fixes the issue:

  • Press Windows+ R to launch Run Window,
  • Type in taskmgr and then hit Enter to open Task Manager,
  • Go to the processing tab and click on CPU option and make sure that the arrow is facing downwards to sort the usage from high to low
  • Now, check if any app is using an abnormal amount of resources on the system and click on it,
  • Click on End Task option to prevent it from running on the system,
  • Also, disable the ETS2 app present in the Task Manager,
  • Similarly, click on Memory and Disk options one by one and remove all high usage apps.

You should also ensure that a system service or app is not interfering:

  • Press Windows+ R to launch Run, type in MSConfig and hit Enter to launch Boot settings window,
  • In this window, click on Services and then uncheck the Hide all Microsoft Services option,
  • Click on Disable all button to prevent these services from launching at startup,
  • Now, click on the startup tab and select Open Task Manager option,
  • Disable apps there form launching at startup,
  • After that, save your changes and close out both windows,
  • If this method works, you should enable all services and apps one by one and check which one is making issue and disable or reinstall it.

Solution 10: File sorting

You might have disconnected your HDD from your computer and because of that the file sorting system of the computer might have been messed up. So, identify where Steam is thinking the game is installed by navigating to the library, right-click on the game and selecting properties. Then, clicking on Local files and then selecting the Browser local files and making sure that the game folder opens up instead of an empty folder. In case, an empty folder opens up, make sure to move the game to that folder and then try again.

Solution 11: Refresh Steam files

If the error persists, you have to refresh Steam files. This will reinstall Steam on your computer again:

  • Navigate to your steam directory. The default location for your directory is

C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam.

  • Locate the following files and folders:

Userdata                                      (folder)

Steam.exe                                    (Application)

Steamapps                                    (folder- only preserve the files of other games in it)

The user data folder contains all the data of your gameplay. You don’t need to delete it. Furthermore, you will have to search for the game that is giving you a problem and only delete that folder. The other file located contains the installation and game files of other games you have installed. If there is a game problematic, delete the entire steamapps folder and proceed with the following:

  • Delete all other files/ folders except the mentioned one and restart the device,
  • Re-launch the steam using admin privileges. It will update itself. Once after that, it will run as expected.

We have provided every possible solution to fix steam missing file privilege issue. If none of the methods have resolved this issue, we recommend you using PC Repair Tool that can scan the system to replace corrupt and missing files. Below is its direct download link.

This works in most cases, where the issue is originated due to a system corruption. This tool will not only provide you the fix but also optimize the system for maximum performance.