How to fix this device is locked because of your family settings for screen time issue?

“This device is locked because of your family settings for screen time” issue appears on screen when the limitation applied to a child account is not effective. Because of that, the child can use the system even when the time limit already has passed. The user got the idea about the over usage only when they see the Family Safety report.

The Microsoft Family Safety might not work when the system is outdated or when your child is using a hack to overcome the restrictions. Corrupted user profile can be another reason for the error in question. Below are the required solutions for you. Below checking that, you should make sure you use one schedule for all devices.

Fixes for This device is locked because of your family settings for screen time issue

If the error message under discussion appears on-screen, you should try with our solutions provided below one-by-one in sequence and see if it works for you. If not, move to the second and again till you get the solution:

Fix 1: Update Windows

Microsoft releases new updates to their OS to satisfy continuous advancements and possible patches. So, updating the PC to the latest release might be the required solution. Update your PC to the latest release of the Windows OS and make sure no optional or additional update is pending and see then if the Microsoft Family issue is resolved.

Fix 2: Uninstall conflicting apps

If any installed apps on your system are hindering the operation of the Microsoft Family Features, you could get “This device is locked because of your family settings for screen time” at hand. In this case, remove the conflicting apps. One such app reported causing the issue is SAntivirus Realtime Protection:

  • Hit Windows and Open Settings,
  • Go to the Apps section and expand SAntivirus Realtime Protection,
  • Click Uninstall and confirm to uninstall the application,
  • Reboot the device next to it and check if the problem persists.

Fix 3: Configure the UAC and other system settings

Certain settings like UAC are essential for full functioning of the MS Family Safety and when it is not configured as required, this may cause the error in question. Configuring the UAC and other settings as the Family Safety requirements is the required solution is this case:

  • Click on Windows Search and search for the User Account Control,
  • Select the Change User Account Control Settings option,
  • Select Always Notify on the left and click on OK to continue,
  • Now, in the Windows Search, type Diagnostics & Feedback settings, and select Diagnostics & Feedback settings,
  • Go to the Feedback Frequency, change the dropdown of the Windows should Ask for My Feedback to never,
  • Now, under the Diagnostic and Usage Data, change the dropdown of Send Your Device Data to Microsoft as Enhanced,
  • Open Windows Search again, and type in Reputation Based Protection,
  • Select the matched result and enable all the options there,
  • Type in Background apps in the Windows Search then,
  • In the Background apps, make sure that the Microsoft Edge is allowed to operate in the background,
  • Reboot the device and see if the problem is fixed,
  • If not, change the UAC to Notify Me only when Apps Try to Make changes to My Computer in the 1-2 steps and then see if the MS Family Screen Time is working fine.

Fix 4: Delete the Parental Control Settings

This device is locked because of your family settings for screen time issue could be because the configuration file of the Parental Control Settings is corrupt due to the online Family Safety server could not write any values to the file. Remove these files so that these files will be recreated with the online server:

  • Log-in the system with admin or parental account on the child’s PC
  • Now, right-click on Windows button and select Run,
  • Navigate to the below path:


  • Open Microsoft Folder the then and Windows Folder after that,
  • Open the Parental Controls folder thereafter and delete all the contents there,
  • Reboot the device and check if the problem persists.

Fix 5: Verify and Activate the Child’s Account

The MS Family Safety Time limitations might not work because the child account is not verified or activated:

  • Press Windows and go to the Settings,
  • Select Accounts the then from the Your info tab and click on Verify under You Need to Verify Identity on This PC,
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process,
  • If there is no Verify option, check if a Fix option is present in the Email & Accounts tab, if so, then use it to fix the account issue.

If you can’t see the verify option completely, follow below steps:

  • Press Windows key, type in Mail and select Mail,
  • Click on Fix account and follow the on-screen instructions and see this fixes the issue.

If the problem is still there, activate the child’s account:

  • In the Your Info tab, click on Manage My Microsoft Account,
  • Sign-in using the Microsoft Credentials,
  • Close the browser and reboot the PC to see if the problem is gone,
  • If not, then open your Microsoft Account on your browser and enter your Credit Card info to pay 50 cents to activate your child’s account and then see if the Time limitation working fine.

Fix 6: Remove/Re-add the screen times and child account

In case of communication glitch that could cause This device is locked because of your family settings for screen time issue, remove/ re-add the screen times to solve the problem:

  • Launch the browser and navigate to the your account page,
  • Now open the Family and click on the Screen Timer under the problematic account,
  • Select a Time slot and click on Remove,
  • Repeat the same to remove all slots and then exit the browser,
  • Reboot the device the then and re-add the time slots,
  • Again, reboot the device and check if the issue is gone,
  • If not, check if removing and re-adding the child account to your family solves the issue.

Fix 7: Change the Account Type

It is possible that your child account type is of an administrator nature that the MS Family Screen Time limitations do not support to and as a result you are seeing this device is locked because of your family settings for screen time issue. In this context, you need to change the account type. But if the child’s account is an Active Directory account, you would have to create a new one:

  • Log-in as admin on your child’s system, right-click on the Windows and choose Computer Management,
  • Expand the Local Users and Groups option and select the Users in the right and right-click on the user account,
  • Select the properties and navigate to the Member of tab,
  • Click on Administrator and then on Remove option,
  • Repeat the same to remove all the user groups,
  • Now, click on the Add option and go to the Advanced section,
  • Click on Find Now button and double-click on Guests and confirm with OK,
  • Repeat the same to add the child to the User group and then click on Apply/Ok button and reboot the device.

Fix 8: Create a New User Account for the child

You may need a new account when the user profile of your child account is corrupt:

  • Create on new local user account for the child on system and make sure the child’s account is a member of the standard or guest group and not the administrator,
  • Log-in to the system sign the newly created local account and then click on the Windows and open settings,
  • Now, open the Accounts and click on the Sign-in With a Microsoft Account,
  • Login using the child’s credentials the then.

Fix 9: Use the Registry Editor

If the child enables battery saver option, then he many overcome the Time limitations and so you are receiving this device is locked because of your family settings for screen time issue. In this case, use the Registry Editor and block the user from enabling the Battery Saver:

  • Sign-in to the users’ device with admin,
  • Hit the Windows and search for the Group policy,
  • Select Edit Group Policy option,
  • Click on Expand option,
  • In the right-pane, double-click on the Energy Saver Battery Threshold (on Battery) and click on Enabled option,
  • Set the value to the Energy Saver Battery Threshold percent to 15%,
  • Click on Apply/Ok button and close the Group Policy Editor.

This should fix the issue. If not, follow the below steps:

  • On the child’s Pc, launch elevated command prompt and execute the following:

reg add HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Power\PowerSettings\E69653CA-CF7F-4F05-AA73-CB833FA90AD4 /v DCSettingIndex /t REG_DWORD /d 15

Reboot the device and see if the issue is gone,

  • You can remove this setting anytime in the future by the following elevated command prompt:

reg delete HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Power\PowerSettings\E69653CA-CF7F-4F05-AA73-CB833FA90AD4 /v DCSettingIndex

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Now we are round off with our article how to fix This device is locked because of your family settings for screen time. We provided here many solutions for you, hoping that these will surely provide you the fix. if not, you should once try PC Repair Tool. Below is its direct download link.

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