How To Fix VPN Tunnel Failure (VPN Error 800): Reasons and Solutions

In the context of online sessions, the term VPN or Virtual Private Network is one of the most commonly known term which is used to ensure a secure connection to a specified server. But, since the service is offered by some sort of software, it can even throw some possible error messages and facing VPN Error 800 or VPN tunnel failure is one of common of them.

If you are also facing off this error on your machine while connected through a VPN, then there might be some problem with server details, network, connectivity errors, firewall restrictions and many more. And in all such aspects, fixing VPN tunnel failure or VPN error 800 becomes quite necessary.

In case you are looking for some possible reasons and resolutions to overcome the aforementioned error message, then reading through this article can be effectively helpful. So lets learn now why such VPN tunnel failure issues happen and how to fix them, under this article.

Why VPN Tunnel Failure Issue Occurs?

Speaking about a VPN, it’s just a Virtual Private Network allowing users to connect with encrypted connection method over a public network. As a result, one can easily accessed locked web pages in their any platform without any hassle.

Since the VPN offers a secure tunnel connection between local user and a remote server over the internet, it’s quite possible for it to fail sometimes. In such cases, the VPN will throw some relevant error messages or codes on screen which described actually what has happened and help the users to identify the reasons.

Getting over VPN Error 800: VPN tunnels failed, is one of the common error message which a VPN may throw on screen. This error code dictates inability to establish connection to VPN. Means the VPN client has failed to reach a server. Here comes the message which the user may receive in such instances:

Although, it’s mentioned above that an error code generally specifies the possible reason for the error, but unfortunately the VPN error 800 describes no reason for it. But according to experts who are expertise in managing servers, there can be various reasons for the VPN tunnel failure issue, and they are:

  • Network errors
  • Incorrect server details
  • Router configuration errors
  • Firewall restrictions, and many more.

Solutions to fix VPN error 800: VPN tunnel failure issue

Since the aforesaid error message may thrown due to several reasons, we will discuss about fixing the issue in all such described cases below:

Server details

In most of the cases, the VPN error 800 occurs due to incorrect server details. Means, the details which the user feed while connecting through VPN client, mismatched with the server-side details.

So, to fix the issue in this case, it’s always suggested to check the server name, address, and other required information which is entered, is absolutely correct. To do so, look through the details once again and make sure they are connect, and we hope the issue will be resolved.

Type of VPN

VPN type can also be a possible reason to show up VPN tunnel failure issue. In this case, the experts suggest to check the type of VPN connection from the Network connection. Possibly, this can be accomplished by looking through Properties >> Security >> Type of VPN.

Selecting an appropriate VPN type from the drop-down menu is recommended, and it probably depends upon what kind of VPN you are using on your machine or device.

Network connection errors

Since the VPN probably works through a valid connection between client and the server, if something happens wrong with the network connection, it’s expected to see VPN error 800.

To solve the problem, it’s required to ping the server. If the error is due to some network error, retry requesting for network after a few minutes and the error should be resolved. Once can also check if the error is client-side error or server side error.

Firewall restrictions

VPN utilizes ports for tunnel protocols, and if the server firewall restricts those utilized ports, then VPN connection may fail with error code 800.

In general terms, the VPN often uses TCP port 1723 for PPTP and IP port 47. means, you will have to check the firewall settings to make sure if the aforementioned port details are not restricted. Once the restriction is removed, the VPN tunnel failure issue will be resolved.

Router configuration issues

VPN error code 800 also sometimes happens due to outdated router configuration. Means, the router firmware might got out of date and requires to be updated. Once the firmware is updated, it becomes compatible to work with VPN. So, if you are facing the error code 800 and all above mentioned aspects are correctly configured, then you need to update your router firmware by taking help of local network administrators.

Through all above mentioned methods, we hope you have successfully managed to detect and resolve VPN tunnel failure or VPN error 800 easily. If you likes this article, don’t forget to share it with your friends or loved ones.

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