How To Fix Warzone Not Finding Match

f you are a game lover then you might love to play Call of Duty: Warzone. This game is quite amazing and entertaining, however, many of our readers reported some issue while playing this game. Actually, they have to say that the game got stuck in search for a match, or say “Warzone is not finding match”. Well, in case if you are also one the user, we suggest you read through some of the solutions to fix the issue.

Method 1: Fix internal issues on computer automatically

In most of the cases, some internal issues on computer like junk files, corrupted system files, etc often lead the users to face off various issues. The aforementioned error or issue is also expected to occur in this case, and we suggest you to fix internal errors or problems automatically here suggested application.

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Method 2: Install the latest patch update

Many a times when a user fails to install the latest patch released by developers, they may end up to face issues while finding match in Warzone. Such patches are released to sort out various bugs or issues, so it’s a good practice to assure you have the latest patch update installed. To do so, follow the instructions here:

  • Launch client, and click on Call of Duty: MW on the left panel.
  • Click on Options and select Check for Updates.
  • It will now automatically check for available updates and install it if found new ones.

After the update is installed, restart the Warzone and see if the issue is resolved. If not, try out other fixes.

Method 3: Update your network driver

Warzone Not Finding Match issue is expected in case if your ISP ping rate is very high because the matches the game often tries to put you in matches with other users to help offset the effects of pings. And in order to make sure the process run smoothly, you should have your network driver up to date.

In order to update your network driver, you can try looking for manufacturer’s details of which the network driver you have on your system. Once you are ready with the details, visit its official page to download and install the latest drivers.

Another way to install the latest network driver to fix Warzone Not Finding Match issue is by using an automated driver updater tool suggested here. The application will run easily and find all updates and install it for all active drivers without any manual effort.

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Method 4: Restart your modem or router

If there’s some network issue while playing Warzone on your system, it’s expected to see the error or problem while finding matches. In such instances, you can try to restart your modem or router. Just plug out or switch the power supply to modem or router for at least a minute, and turn it on back.

Once done, start the Warzone and see if the issue is gone. If the Warzone Not Finding Match issue persists, check through the next fix.

Method 5: Close high bandwidth eating applications

If you are able to see Warzone Not Finding Match issue with the game, then there might a chance that other applications would be eating more than enough bandwidth, and this surely affects the game’s performance. In order to sort out the issue in this case, follow the instructions here to close high bandwidth eating applications:

  • Press CTRL + Shift + ESC key to open Task Manager.
  • Navigate to Network tab, and right click on high bandwidth using application, and choose End task.
  • Do this with all applications which appears to be bandwidth eater.
  • Now, launch Warzone and check if the issue is resolved.

Method 6: Enable Crossplay

In case if there’s not much player on your platform then you can expect to see Warzone Not Finding Match issue. To sort out the problem in this situation, we suggest you to enable Crossplay in setting menu. You can do this with the steps here:

  • Start the game Warzone, and navigate to Settings.
  • Navigate to Account tab, and change the Crossplay from Disabled to Enabled.
  • Once done, try finding the match once again.

Method 7: Modify your region

According to some users, they have fixed the aforementioned issue by switching to another region. You can also try this out with following steps:

  • Launch client, and click on globe icon above the Play button on Warzone page.
  • Now, select a region from mentioned options such as Americas, Europe, Asia, etc.
  • Save the settings and re-launch the game once again.

Method 8: Repair game files

The Warzone Not Finding Match issue can happen due to corrupted or damaged game files as well, and the issue can be sorted out by fixing those. here’s how:

  • Start client and click on Call of Duty: MW, and select Scan and Repair from Options.
  • Click on Begin Scan button.
  • Once the scanner finishes its job, relaunch the app and check if the issue is solved.

Method 9: Make a new account

Finally, if the Warzone Not Finding Match issue continues to happen on your device and not yet solved with above mentioned guidelines, we suggest you to create a new account as your current account might be banned. Either you can try unlinking your account through activation site and try out connecting with another new account.


Warzone Not Finding Match while playing games can be disrupting to gamers including you. However, the issue can be solved easily in all possible instances. We hope you might also have fixed the issue on your system.