How to Fix Windows System Components Must be Repaired Issue

Every operating system need to updated constantly for maintaining the performance, resolving errors, bring new features, add security improvises and Windows Operating System is no exception. However, many users have mentioned about Windows System Components Must be Repaired Issue while trying to update Windows 10.

This issue can be caused due to multiple of reasons and some of them include problem with updating tool, trouble while phrasing the downloaded update package, incorrect date and time settings or corrupted system files. Fortunately most of these triggers can be troubleshooted without any hassle.

If you are facing the same issue yourself then don’t worry, we have listed all the possible solutions and workarounds in the article below.

Solve Windows Update Issue

As we said earlier, that there are multiple factors which could trigger the issue and it cannot be narrowed down to one. Therefore you will need to follow all the solutions one by one to see which works the best.

Solution 1: Use Windows Update Troubleshooter

Evert Windows operating system came with a troubleshooting tool for all kind of features and applications hence Updater tool is also included. Follow the instructions on how to run the troubleshooter:

  1. Open Settings app by pressing Win + I key at the same time.
  2. Choose Update and Security option from the next settings window.
  3. From the left side menu, click on Troubleshoot.
  4. Now scroll down and find Windows Update in the list of option.
  5. Click on it and select Run the troubleshooter option.
  6. Follow the on-screen steps and complete the procedure.
  7. After applying the fix, reboot your PC and check if the issue persists.
Solution 2: Check Date and Time Settings

Some users have noticed that update errors are caused due to incorrect date and time settings on their device. This could be the same for you as well, for this update your settings by following these steps:

  1. Click on Start menu and choose Settings app.
  2. Move to Time and Language section.
  3. Toggle ON the Set the time automatically and Set the time zone automatically options.
  4. Now click on Region tab and choose your country from the drop down menu.
Solution 3: Update in Safe Mode

Often time while updating operating system, third party applications and other factors interfere with the process and the best way to ensure that this is not the case is by booting into safe mode and then updating the system. These are the steps on how to do so:

  1. Go to Start menu and click on the Power icon.
  2. While holding Shift key on the keyboard, click the Restart option.
  3. From the next window, select
  4. Now click on Advanced Options and go to Startup Settings.
  5. By using function keys choose option 4-6 according to your preference.
  6. Click on Restart option after selecting.
  7. Your PC will now restart into Safe Mode.
  8. Try updating the operating system to check for the issue.
Solution 4: Execute Command Line Tools

System File Checker or SFC and DISM are command line tools that anyone can access with command prompt. These commands scan your whole system for issue like corrupted system files which could be the reason for the issue and repair them. These are the required instructions:

  1. Open RUN prompt by pressing Win + R key simultaneously.
  2. Type cmd and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter.
  3. If (UAC) prompts then click YES.
  4. Now type the following command and press Enter after.
  5. sfc /scannow
  6. Wait for the procedure to complete.
  7. Now type exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth and press Enter.
  8. This may take some time so wait for it finish.
  9. Reboot your computer system after the whole procedure.

Command Line tools require adequate knowledge of the computer system and is not very reliable for most cases therefore we suggest you to use Advance PC Repair Tool. This tool scans you whole system thoroughly looking for issue like missing DLLs, incorrect registries, corrupted system files, etc. and repair them through advanced mechanized logical system.


Solution 5: Reset Windows Update Components

If none of the mentioned solution worked then one of last resort left with you is to reset the whole Update Component which may fix the problem and these are the steps on how to do so:

  1. Open Command Prompt with Administrative Privilege.
  2. Stop some Windows Update related service by entering these commands and pressing Enter after each.
  3. net stop bits
  4. net stop wuauserv
  5. net stop appidsvc
  6. net stop cryptsvc
  7. Type this command to delete the qmgr*.dat file.
  8. Del “%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\Microsoft\Network\Downloader\qmgr*.dat”
  9. Now enter these two commands
  10. Ren %systemroot%\SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.bak
  11. Ren %systemroot%\system32\catroot2 catroot2.bak
  12. Reset BITS services and Windows Update service security descriptor through these commands.
  15. You will be redirected to new Command Prompt window, now type the command and press Enter.
  16. cd /d %windir%\system32
  17. Enter these commands followed by Enter key after each.

regsvr32.exe atl.dll

regsvr32.exe urlmon.dll

regsvr32.exe mshtml.dll

regsvr32.exe shdocvw.dll

regsvr32.exe browseui.dll

regsvr32.exe jscript.dll

regsvr32.exe vbscript.dll

regsvr32.exe scrrun.dll

regsvr32.exe msxml.dll

regsvr32.exe msxml3.dll

regsvr32.exe msxml6.dll

regsvr32.exe actxprxy.dll

regsvr32.exe softpub.dll

regsvr32.exe wintrust.dll

regsvr32.exe dssenh.dll

regsvr32.exe rsaenh.dll

regsvr32.exe gpkcsp.dll

regsvr32.exe sccbase.dll

regsvr32.exe slbcsp.dll

regsvr32.exe cryptdlg.dll

regsvr32.exe oleaut32.dll

regsvr32.exe ole32.dll

regsvr32.exe shell32.dll

regsvr32.exe initpki.dll

regsvr32.exe wuapi.dll

regsvr32.exe wuaueng.dll

regsvr32.exe wuaueng1.dll

regsvr32.exe wucltui.dll

regsvr32.exe wups.dll

regsvr32.exe wups2.dll

regsvr32.exe wuweb.dll

regsvr32.exe qmgr.dll

regsvr32.exe qmgrprxy.dll

regsvr32.exe wucltux.dll

regsvr32.exe muweb.dll

regsvr32.exe wuwebv.dll

  1. After these commands, reset
  2. netsh winsock reset
  3. Finally, restart BITS and other services through these commands.

net start bits

net start wuauserv

net start cryptsvc

  1. Reboot your computer after the procedure and see if the issue persists.


Updating any operating system is very necessary to ensure it proper working and if you are not able to do so because of issues like Windows System Components Must be Repaired Issue then don’t panic, we got you covered. These are required solutions and their instruction on how to resolve the issue in the article above.

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