How to fix Xbox not detecting external storage

In order to avoid storage issues we often use external storage devices to get more storage and we use external storage for Smartphone, PC and even for Xbox Consoles. So basically it’s a normal practice. But sometimes it happens when users face Xbox not detecting external storage. Well this issue is very common but let me tell you that it is quite a big reason to worry because sometimes it may lead to data loss.

So if your Xbox does not recognize the external hard drive then don’t panic and keep reading this blog as we are going to guide you for the same query. So without any further delay let’s get started with the discussion.

Why I’m facing Xbox not detecting external storage issue?

Well the reports says that there can be various reasons for facing the above mention error like USP Port troubles, outdated drives, bugs/virus attacks, external hard drive failures and issues with the Xbox itself.

On the basis of several users experience we have collected some true and tried methods to get past the above mention error. So follow our guidelines till you manage to resolve the issue.

How to resolve Xbox not detecting external storage

Method 1: Power Cycle your Console

In the very first method we suggest you to power cycle your console as several users have claimed that power cycling the console works for them.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Press/hold the Xbox button on the console for at least 10 seconds to turn off the console>and once it turned off, turn back your console by pressing the Xbox button on the front of the console or Xbox button on your controller.

Note: Once the console restarts, if you won’t see the green boot-up animation then repeat the above mentioned steps. Now make sure to press the power button till the console complete shutdown.
Method 2: Ensure that you have installed any recent updates to Xbox

Kindly ensure that there is no pending updates. If there is, update your Xbox and try to connect your external device to check if the issue resolved or not.

In order to update your Xbox, follow the below mention steps:

Step 1: Press the Xbox button from the controller>Go to the Profile & System >Settings> System >Updates

Step 2: Here if you see any pending updates available, then do install it>Once the update has been installed then go to Settings>system>Storage devices if you see your external device.

Method 3: Adjust the Power Management for Storage

If you are still struggling with Xbox not detecting external storage then ensure your power settings. Follow the below mention guidelines to proceed:

Step 1: First of all Xbox button to open guide> choose System

Step 2: Then go to Settings>Power & Startup >choose Power Mode & Startup and confirm that your Power Mode is set to Instant-on

Step 3: After that un-select when Xbox is off, turn off storage option

Now Restart your Xbox and go to Settings> choose System>Storage and check if the issue resolved or not

Method 4: Check Xbox One HDD Requirements

In this method we suggest you to check the requirements of hard drive on your Xbox Console. You must have the following requirements to prevent the above mention error.

Use a USB 3.0 Interface or later

Validate there is 256GB or higher storage capacity

There is a partition at least on the external hard drive

Ensure that the devices is not connected to more than 3 storage devices.

Method 5: Use a different Port

Try to insert your external storage to some other USB Port than one you are using right now. You can also try to restart your gaming console and then try this.

Kindly also make sure that your external device is not damaged; consider connecting it to your PC and see if it gets detected. You can also use the disk management tool to check if it appears in the list.

Method 6: Reset the Xbox One OS

If none of the above mentioned methods works for you then we suggest you to reset the Xbox. It is one of the best methods to resolve such kinds of errors.

Follow the steps to reset Xbox OS:

Step 1: First of all turn on the Xbox One by pressing Xbox button>Scroll left on the Home Screen to open the guide and select Settings

Step 2: Choose All Settings >in the next step select System

Step 3: Now from the available options choose Console Info & Updates

Step 4: Select Reset Console> then choose Reset and keep my games & apps

It will reset the OS and erase all the corrupted data and files without deleting any of your games or applications.

That’s all guys; we have tried our best to provide all the potential solution to get past the issue, hope you managed to solve the trouble.

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