How to Hide Amazon Orders From Family

Amazon is the most used e-commerce website which offers more than a million items on its platform and has become a daily driver for many people and their families. Users can place order of items and can even receive it in a single day and the popularity is rather increasing because of its accessibility and reliable services.

Every single order made through your account is saved for future references on your account and can be accessed anytime through the website or the application. It can also be used to make replacements and refunds if user wants to and you can also share the same account with your family member for their orders. However, sometimes you want to surprise your loved ones or family member with a gift purchased from Amazon and are willing to know How Do I Hide Amazon Orders from Other Family Members.

Fortunately you can use certain tricks in your Amazon account to hide orders from family member. And for that reason we have listed all the workarounds and tricks that you can use for doing so.

How to Conceal Orders on Amazon

There are certain ways and methods within both website and application that you can use on how to hide Amazon Orders from Family. These are mentioned below:

Archive Order on Amazon

Amazon has the option to archive an order within its webpage and mobile application. This means your purchased order can be moved to a different folder hidden from other unless they are willing to find. To archive an order on Amazon website follow these steps:

  1. Open web browser on your computer.
  2. Navigate to Amazon website.
  3. Now Sign-in with your credentials such as username/phone number and password.
  4. From the top right of the window, click on Accounts & Lists beside search bar.
  5. Click on Your Account from list of options.
  6. A new window will appear, now click Your Orders.
  7. Find the order you want to archive from list of orders.
  8. Now click on Archive Order button below your selected order box.
  9. Prompt will appear, click on Archive Order yellow button.

You can archive 500 orders in total then you have to un-archive them if the limit exceeds.

Hide Order on Amazon App

Unluckily Amazon has not implemented the archive order on its applications but you can still do the same using web browser on your smartphone devices. Follow the steps given below on how to archive orders on Amazon mobile application:

  1. In your device, open web browser.
  2. Navigate to Amazon Sign In page.
  3. Now enter your credentials such as username and password.
  4. From the top right of the screen, tap on three dots or open settings menu of your browser.
  5. Now choose Desktop site option for drop down menu.
  6. For iPhone, three dots are at the bottom of the web browser.
  7. Select Request Desktop site option for from list of options.
  8. Now from top right of Amazon webpage, tap Returns & Orders.
  9. Look for the order you want to achieve and tap Archive Order below the order box.
  10. A pop-up will appear, tap Archive Order
Clear Search History

 For extra measure you can also delete your search history in Amazon to further conceal your order presence in your account. If you think browsing in web browser incognito tab will solve the option the unfortunately you can’t. All the searched and ordered items will still be there after closing the incognito tab. Follow these steps to completely delete your searched history from your Amazon account:

  1. Open Amazon application on your device.
  2. From bottom of the window, click on Profile
  3. Find and tap on Browsing History from the new window.
  4. Now you can either delete selective items or delete the complete list.
  5. For selective items, tap on Remove from View option beside chosen orders.
  6. For complete list, tap on Remove All Items from view.


Surprises can remain surprise only if they are not found and hiding secrets in shared Amazon account can even be more difficult, however if you want the answer to How to Hide Amazon Orders From Family then we have listed all the tricks and workaround that you can follow and surprise your loved ones.

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