How to Install Windows 10 on New Hard Drive [Steps]

If you purchased a new hard drive and looking for the easy steps to install Windows 10 on new hard disk, then you are in right place.

Here, we are discussing on “How to Install Windows 10 on New Hard Drive” in details and providing some steps/procedures to do this. Let’s starts the discussion.

Install Windows 10 on new hard drive

If you want to replace old hard drive with new one, then you should try to create backup of the older one if possible. These backups will help you to restore all files or data onto hard drive which you want. Note that your Windows digital license is unique signature given by Microsoft to your PC. This digital license is stored on Microsoft Activation Servers.

Windows digital signature as license when expired, then you needs to update or upgrade your Windows OS. With updating process, you will get new digital license key. For example, if you upgraded your Windows 8 or Windows 7 to Windows 10, then you should be able to get Windows 10 digital license. Note that Microsoft blocked the users to upgrade windows to Windows 10 for free. To upgrade previous version of Windows OS to Windows 10, you will need to buy Windows 10 from “Microsoft Online Store”.

In fact, anyone can download and use Windows 10 for 30 days and after 30 days, license is required for permanent access. You might face issue with Windows 10 digital license if you decide the hardware components like motherboard of your computer. But, the motherboard is only the part of your PC that if changed will invalidate your Windows digital license. So, you should not run into any issues when you change your hard drive.

It is very simple and easy to install Windows 10 on new hard drive. But before that you should create or keep the backup of the older hard drive if possible. You can save the backup copy to USB drive or other storage device. Once backup created, you can go for Windows 10 installation. Let’s go for the steps.

[Tips & Tricks] How to Install Windows 10 on New Hard Drive?

  • Buy Windows 10 from Microsoft Online Store
  • Create Windows 10 Installation Media
  • Install Windows 10 on new hard drive
  • Sign in Windows 10

Step 1: At first, you need to visit “Microsoft Online Store” and buy Windows 10. You will get license code to activate Windows 10. Note that anyone can download and use Windows 10 for 1 month, but license is required for permanent access.

Step 2: Download Microsoft Media creation Tool from Microsoft Official website and run it

Step 3: Choose “Create Installation Media (USB flash Drive, DVD or ISO file) for another PC” and hit “Next”

Step 4: Now, select your language, windows edition and architecture from required dropdown. You can accept “use the recommended options for this PC” and hit “Next”

Step 5: Now, choose either to create windows 10 install USB or to extract the ISO file. If you want Windows on your DVD, then choose “Create a windows 10 install USB” and then hit “Next”

Step 6: Select the USB flash drive from the list. This process will format your USB drive for Creating Windows installation media. So, you should make sure any files on USB drive is nothing important or have saved on some other storage. Then click on “Next”

Step 7: Wait for the completion. Once done, you will see the message “Your USB flash driver is ready”. Now, click on “Finish” to exit

Step 8: Now, you have Windows 10 Installation Media on USB flash drive. Insert it into your PC/laptop

Step 9: Insert hard drive into your computer and turn on your computer

Step 10: Boot your computer from flash drive. To do that, restart your computer and press booting key until Boot option not appear. Choose USB for booting and hit “Enter” key to proceed

Step 11: When booting from USB drive starts, you will see the screen where it asks you to confirm the language to install, time currency format and keyboard or input method. Simply click on “Next” to confirm

Step 12: Click on “Install Now” on next window

Step 13: In next window, you will be asked to enter license key. If you don’t have any license key at the moment, then click on “I don’t have a product key”

Step 14: In the next window, Choose “I accept the license terms” box and hit “Next” button

Step 15: In next window, choose “Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)”. This will remove all your files, settings and applications and give you clean install of Windows 10

Step 16: Choose the new hard drive from list of drive in next window and then click on “Next”

Step 17: Windows will start the installation

Step 18: Your computer will restart for several times during installation. So you should proceed with further steps to finish the installation

Step 19: Once installation finished, Windows 10 will boot. Now, you can sign in with Microsoft Account and get everything ready.

How to migrate Windows 10 to another drive without having to reinstall?

You can use “Windows Migration Tool” as another possible way to install windows 10 to another hard drive. These tools can easy migrate Windows 10 from one drive to another drive without have to reinstall. So, if your hard drive is failing and it is urgent for you to replace the failing drive, then you can use migration tool to migrate Windows 10 to new hard drive.

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I am sure this article helped you to “How to Install Windows 10 on New Hard Drive” with easy steps. You can read & follow our instructions mentioned above to do so. Note that you should follow each steps one-by-one carefully because any mistaken in following the steps can create several Windows issues on computer. If you have any suggestions or queries regarding this, please write on comment box given below.

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