How to Kill Process in Windows 11 (5 Best Fixes)

Sometimes, while working with Windows 11 you encounter with freezes issues. In such situation, your PC asks you to close the program or wait till it responds. In some cases, close button gets greyed out and you will not be able to completely close the programs.

Most of users try to close programs using Task Manager. At many time, it works but in few cases the programs remain same and such situation arises question that how to kill process in Windows 11.

There is no need to worry anymore. If you have reached here, you will find complete solution regarding this process. Below are 5 best fixes that help you to get rid out of trouble and allows closing or killing programs in Windows 11.

Method 1: The use of ALT+F4 Key

The combination of ALT+F4 Key together is the shortcut that allows you to close any program hassle free. It works same as the cross symbol on top right corner of every page. It can be very helpful if X (close button) has been greyed out or not responding.

To end the current task, you just have to tap on program you want to close. You need to first hold ALT key and then press F4 button. It closes the program with little effort.

Method 2: Make use of Taskkill command

In order to terminate the process the use of Taskkill command is best step that can be taken. If you are finding hard to close any program from other step or using task manager then this method can work for you. Below are the steps that you can follow to use Taskkill command:

Step 1: First you need to right click on empty space of your desktop screen

Step 2: Next, click on new item and then click on shortcut option. You need to enter command taskkill/f/f “statuseq not responding” and then click on next. You have to enter this command at the place of items location you need to type.

Step 3: Now, follow instruction as given on computer and screen and click on Finish as all process gets completed.

The above mentioned steps will help you to get complete solution for your question how to kill process in Windows 11 and allows terminating process that is not responding. You can also go through Command Prompt method to eliminate program that is not responding. Below are the steps to run taskkill process through Command Prompt:

Step 1: At first you need to click on Start menu option and search for command prompt. Next, right click on command prompt and then open run as administrator option

Step 2: Now you need to type tasklist and press enter in command prompt option. It will display list of processes running on your computer.

Step 3: You need to type taskkill / IM process.exe /F in Command Prompt and hit enter to execute. Here, the name of process gets replaced with process.exe. In case, if you want to eliminate task with process ID. You need to type taskkill /PID /F in Command prompt and then execute. Here 1000 will gets changed with process ID. You can find it easily from the list of processes.

If you are looking to kill multiple processes at one time then you need to type command Taskkill /PID 1000 1001 1002/F and then execute it. The number will be process ID that you want to kill.

Method 3: You can also force quit the program using Task Manager

Using task manager, it is difficult for you to end the task normally. But with given steps, you will be able to know how to kill process in Windows 11 using task manager. This process is called force quitting app or process with task manager. The steps are mentioned below:

Step 1: At first you need to open task manager on your computer

Step 2: Next, select for the program or process that you are looking to forcibly quit

Step 3: Now, right click on process and then select Go to details option. It will open details tab.

Step 4: You need to right click on process that is highlighted and then choose end process tree option to force quit any app or programs

Step 5: Now you will get confirmation prompt. You just have to click Ok to allow.

With above mentioned steps, the app or program has been closed in task manager.

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Method 4: Run Chkdsk to close program from task manager

Many times, it has seen that such issues occur due to some corrupted files. Here at such situation the Chkdsk can help you repair corrupted files and helps you sort out this trouble.

Step 1: At first you need to click on Start menu option and then search for command prompt. Now, right click on command prompt option and then click on run as administrator.

Step 2: Next, type chkdsk /f /r /x in command prompt and press enter to execute the process.

Step 3: You are asked to confirm the process. Here, you need to press Y key on keyboard and then hit enter to confirm.

Step 4: As process gets completed, close the command prompt and restart your computer.

Method 5: Restart your Windows 11 computer

The restart process of computer fixes several temporary issues that your encounter. Hope, it work and helps you close process in task manager. Restarting the PC will also close the app or programs that are creating issues or crashed.

Conclusion: Hope, the aforementioned solution has helped you to know about method on how to kill process in Windows 11. If you have get any kind of assistance from us and if you think we add any value then follows us on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms.

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