How to make collage on iPhone/iPad [Steps]

Tips to make collage on iPhone and iPad:

In this post, we are going to discuss on How to make collage on iPhone, How to make collage on iPad with easy ways. You are provided here with list of apps offers you to make collage on iPhone and iPad with ease. Let’s starts the discussion.

‘Make collage on iPhone and iPad’:

Collages or Photo Collages are fantastic way to share more than one photo in single post or share a story. There are hundreds of apps or more apps available offers you can make collage/photo collage in your iPhone and iPad device. If you are not aware, iPhone doesn’t have built-in feature allows you create a photo collage, but there are dozens of apps for that. It is quite simple to make a photo collage on your iPhone and/or iPad using some tools offering the same.

There are some of third-party applications designed & developed to create collage. To do so, you need to just download and install the collage making apps in your device and then you can launch and use to create a collage/photo collage on IPhone/iPad. If you are looking for the ways to make collage/photo collage, you are in right-place for this. Let’s go for the solution.

 How to make collage on iPad/IPhone?

Method 1: How to make collage on iPhone/iPad using ‘Layout from Instagram’?

Layout from Instagram is top-notch free collage maker for iPhone. It allows you re-mix up to 9 images and choose from multiple cool layouts. This tool is available for free on ‘’ page.

Step 1: Open ‘Layout from Instagram’ in your iOS device and select the images from your photo library

Step 2: Tap on Photo Booth > Snap images and choose them, select the desired layout and then edit your collage using available tools like flip, mirror, borders. Once done, hit ‘Save’ at top-right corner to save the changes

Step 3: Now, you can choose ‘Share your photo collage on Facebook or Instagram’. If you want to save collage on your device, tap ‘More’ and select the preferred option like add to shared album and save to files.

Method 2: How to make collage on iPad/IPhone using ‘Google Photos’?

Google Photos is one of best apps for this purpose and it is feature-rich app. It automatically creates collages to improve your photo viewing experience. This app is available for the free on ‘’ page.

Step 1: Open Google Photos in your device and touch & hold the image to enter selection mode and after selecting up to 9 images, tap ‘+’ Add to button then select ‘Collage’ in the menu

Step 2: Now, tap ‘Editing’ icon at bottom and then use the various editing tools to provide some finishing touches to your collage and once done, hit ‘Share’ button and save/share the collage using the proffered medium.

Method 3: Create collage on iPhone/iPad using PicCollage

PicCollage is another app in this list offers you to create and design trending collages. With 4.8 sarts out of more than 1.4M ratings, the software has received high praise for its rich designs. It features a ton of pre-defined templates, backgrounds, fonts, and stickers that you can use to make attractive posts for sharing on social media. This app is available for free and in paid version both on ‘’ page.

Step 1: Open PicCollage app in your device and go to ‘My Collages’ tab at bottom-right corner and tap ‘+’ Create Collage button

Step 2: Select the desired collage layout and then fill the layout with the preferred images. Just tap on a section and choose Add Photo. Select images from camera roll/library.

Step 3: Once you have filled the layout with the photos, you can choose a different background, use stickers or add text to customize the collage. After that, hit ‘Done’ at top-right corner of screen and then save the collage to your photo library.

Method 4: Make collage on iPad/iPhone using ‘Canva’?

Canva is another Collage maker app in the list offers you to create photo collage in iPhone/iPad. This can be double up as handy collage maker for iPhone and iPad. The biggest highlight of this software is the massive library of over 60,0000 templates that can provide you a headstart for your designed with very little effort. This app is available for free and in paid version both on ‘’ page.

Step 1: Open Canva app in your device and tap Home tab at bottom

Step 2: Scroll down to ‘Photo Collage’ section and choose the desired layout

Step 3: Design the collage to your liking. Tap ‘+’ button > Upload > Upload media to import images from your device’s library.

Step 4: Once done, tap ‘Share’ icon at top-right corner of screen and choose to download the image or share it through preferred medium.

Method 5: How to create photo collage on iPhone/iPad using ‘Picsart’?

‘Picsart’ is versatile photo/video editor and collage maker app in the list. This app features impressive library of trending layouts, filers, photos effects, stickers, and designer fonts. This tool allow you create collages on your iDevice so whether you are fond of freestyle collages, like to share a scrapbook of your memorable shots, or prefer simple photo grid collages. This software is available for free and in paid version at 11.99$/month on ‘’ page.

Step 1: Open Picsart app in your device and tap ‘+’ tab at bottom and go to Collages section and choose preferred layout

Step 2: Select images from your device’s library and tap ‘Next’ at top-right corner and after that, use the editing tools to adjust or improve your collage and once editing is done, and tap ‘Save’ buton to save your collage.

Method 6: How to make collage on iPhone/iPad using ‘Fotor’ app?

Fotor app is one of best photo collage maker app in this list. It is more than capable to let you create a variety of nice-looking collages. It is simple interface and straightforward ways of making collages. This app is available for free and in paid version at $0.99.

Step 1: Open Fotor app on your device and tap Collage button, choose your preferred layout

Step 2: Tap ‘+’ button inside the layout to add an image in particular section. Now, you can adjust the collage, fine-tune margins, spacing, shadow, and roundness using available tools.

Step 3: Once done, tap ‘Save’ at top-right corner of screen to save the changes and then you can share it with anyone.


I am sure this post helped you on How to make collage on iPhone, How to make collage on iPad and you can choose any apps from the list to create collages in your device. That’s all. For any suggestions or queries, please write on comment box below.

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