How To Notarize Documents Online?

Documents that are notarized are valid in the eyes of government bodies like the passport office and registration departments. A notary public is a certified person who has cleared the required credentials and examinations to notarize documents after verifying the originals as true copies. For instance, if you are applying for a visa to a country that does not speak your native language and intend to study there, then you may be asked to submit your transcripts translated copies with a notarization seal. Notarized copies eliminate the chances of rejection attributed to incomplete information or invalid documents. 

With the advent of remote online notarization (RON), the process of notarization has become easier and more efficient. RON can be used for various documents such as wills, power of attorney, real-estate documents, affidavits, and other paperwork where a notary is required. Notarization is a testament of trust that helps contracting parties agree with each other and complete their tasks. The credibility of a document that is notarized remotely is as valid and acceptable as traditional notary. The weightage of notarized documents is more in the case of legal parlance and authenticity of the paperwork. Therefore, using RON can be a convenient and secure way to notarize your documents without actually visiting a notary public’s office.

RON: The User’s Guide

  • Book An Appointment

After identifying the documents that need to be certified or notarized, you can book an appointment through the console features of a notary public office. The services are available in multiple channels. Just like any virtual meeting, you can attend the video call as per the schedule either through the app that is integrated into a virtual meeting app or web-based call. The notary public will check the details and take your signatures in electronic mode.

  • Check For Information

Before you close the meeting check the details of the notarization to ensure that it has all the details that have been expected. For instance, a few foreign colleges where you seek admission need signatures and seals across a few pages apart from the box designated for it. 

  • Pay For The Service

You can pay for the service online through any payment gateway after the receipt of notarized true copies of your documents and the invoice for the service. Check if the amount due is correct and pay accordingly and you are good to go. 

  • Remember Benefits

No trees were harmed when you chose to sign your documents electronically with RON. It’s important to make efforts to minimize the impact of climate change for the sake of the environment. Sustainable development should be the ultimate goal in these efforts.


Life has many milestones that are celebrated through paperwork. Our birth, college transcripts, job experience certificates, lease agreements, buying a home, marriage, and death are all documented. Validating documents through notarization prevents extra burden on courts in case there is any discrepancy. For this reason, notarization will remain an important step in documentation and RON will help make things better for everyone around.