How to Reset Mac to Factory Settings

Here, you will get complete solution regarding problem on How to Reset Mac to Factory Settings. There might be several reasons you are many of look for factory reset on MacBook. It can be due to selling or giving your Mac to someone, want your Mac to reset and look likes a new state or some others.

Before going through the steps, we recommend you to first backup all your data if there is some necessary documents. If you are selling your Mac then you first need to sign out of accounts like iCloud, iMessage and others. If you are seeking for solution to backup your files then scroll down before starting restore or reset process of MacBook.

Method for How to Reset Mac to Factory Settings

Step 1: You need to first restart your Mac. For this, you need to Select Apple icon on top left corner and then select Restart

restart macbook

Step 2:</stronge Now you need to hold Down the command and R keys on keyboard and turn on Mac and start process as Apple Logo pop ups

hold command and R key

Step 3: Select your language and then click on Arrow sign

Step 4: Now you need to Choose Disk Utility from displayed option

Step 5: Select you startup disk that named Macintosh HD in default. Now click on Erase button as displayed in image

select startup disk

Step 6: After disk is erased, you have chosen name for disk, now you need to select Mac OS Extended (Journaled) from drop down menu and click on Erase.

Step 7: Click on Erase and then Done option

click on erase and done

Step 8: Now connect your Wi-Fi in top right corner of your Mac

connect to Wi-Fi

Step 9: You need to Reinstall Mac OS from Main menu option and then click on continue

choose reinstall mac os

Step 10: Click on Continue option as shown in image

press continue

Step 11: Read software license agreement and click on Agree

read and click agree

Step 12: Now select your Boot Disk and click on “Install”

choose boot disk and click install

Step 13: Your Mac restarts and continue to install. This is perfect time for you to have some break and relax.

Hope, steps mentioned above has helped you and know method for How to Reset Mac to Factory Settings.

Some steps you need to follow before restoring MacBook to Factory settings

The very first thing you need to do is to backup all your files before wiping your data. For this, you can make use of inbuilt Mac OS utility named Time Machine. It helps you to easily restore your files on new Mac in a snap.

Before selling or giving your Mac, you need to sign out of your personal account such as iTunes, iCloud, iMessage and others. Below given steps will help you to perform this task with ease.

Sign out of iTunes

  • At first open iTunes app
  • Click on iTunes next to logo of Apple
  • Then select Account
  • Next, find Authorizations option from list and then click on Deauthorize This Computer
  • Type your Apple ID and password to confirm the process
  • Finally, click on Dauthorize

Sign out of iMessage

  • First open messages app
  • Click on Message next to Apple Logo and select Preferences
  • Click on iMessage then Sign Out

Sign out of iCloud

  • Process for MacOS Catalina and Later
  • You need to click on Apple logo and then select System Preferences
  • Click on your Apple ID
  • Go to sidebar and select Overview and then click on Sign Out

Process for MacOS Mojave and Earlier

  • Go to Apple Logo and select System Preferences
  • You need to select iCloud and then click on Sign Out

Bluetooth devices should be unpaired

You need to unpair your wireless devices like keyboard, mouse from your old Macbook. If owner of your old Mac range between your peripherals, it can cause conflict and inconveniences for both of you. Your devices will try to connect your old MacBook and gets disconnected that is unsafe for you.

To perform this action you need to connect your device to wired keyboard and follow below given steps:

  • Click on Apple Logo and select System Preferences
  • Now select Bluetooth section
  • Keep your mouse on device that you want to unpair and click on X button to complete process

Need to Reset NVRAM

The process to reset NVRAM (Non Volatile Random Access Memory) deletes your settings like sound volume, information of recent kernel panic, time zone, startup-disk configuration, display and others. Using this option, it will help you to restore security features to its default.

Follow below given steps to reset NVRAM:

  • You need to shut down your Mac
  • Now you need to press and hold some keys together Option+ Command+ P+ R. It helps you to remember location
  • You need to hold these keys about 20 seconds and then release them to reset NVRAM

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