How to Resize On Screen Keyboard Windows 10/11?

There are many users who are unaware of the on-screen keyboard on Windows 10/11. It is one of the most amazing features provided by the Windows developers. Once the feature has been enabled on Windows PC/Laptops then there’s no requirement of a physical keyboard. It will display a virtual keyboard on the screen. This feature is quite helpful when a user don’t have a physical keyboard or it is not working due to any reason

Though it is one of the most amazing features but sadly users are not very happy with the size of the on-screen keyboard. But you will be glad to know that one can easily move and resize it as per their convenience. And here in this blog we will guide you on how to How to Resize On Screen Keyboard Windows 10/11?

Guidelines for Resizing On- Screen Keyboard on Windows 10/11

Step 1: First of all type in On-Screen keyboard on your Windows Search bar>launch the desktop app

Step 2: Alternatively, you can also go by using Settings >Ease of Access>keyboard>Turn on the Screen Keyboard.

Step 3: In order to resize the on-screen keyboard. You need to take the cursor to the corner and then drag it to the desired size.

Step 4: You can also right-click on the icon in the upper left corner>select size

Step 5: Use 4-Point cursor to change the size.

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How to resize Touch Keyboard on Windows 10/11?

Note: You can’t resize the touch keyboard by using its corners but you can use an alternate layout to make it smaller or larger.


The virtual keyboard was specifically designed for the tablet users but the PC users can also use it on the basis of their requirement.

In order to launch virtual keyboard, navigate to Settings> Devices>typing Section>Touch Keyboard and then toggle on Add the Standard Keyboard layout as a touch keyboard option.

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