How to Send 3 Minute Video on WhatsApp [Android/iPhone/Web]

Have you experiencing the troubles while you trying to send more than 16MB of videos to your contacts? As you known that WhatsApp has file size limit 16MB i.e., you can only send images, music, videos of its limit size. It means that if you will try to send video files to your contact, then you get error alert on your Smartphone screen. Don’t be panics; it is possible to send large files on WhatsApp with easy solution. In this tutorial, you will read the guideline about How to send a 3 minute video on WhatsApp for Android Phone, iPhone and more.

Send Long videos on WhatsApp

WhatsApp” or “WhatsApp Messenger” app is American Freeware messaging app and VoIP (Voice Over IP) service owned by Facebook Company. This app allows you to send text messages, audios, videos, documents and other media. It also allows to make video and voice calls. This app is available for mobile device including Android OS, iOS and other supported OS versions based mobile devices.

However, WhatsApp is also accessible from computers (Windows/Mac computers) as long as the user’s mobile device remains connected to internet while they use desktop app. This messaging app allow you to send videos files to your contacts but it should be 16MB Maximum. With the video size limitation, there is also a restriction over the format of the files including MP4, MKV, AVI, 3GP and MOV formats of files.

The WhatsApp Video size limit is not that great and generally speaking it will make a video less than 3 minutes. The video and audio codec support also affects the video files. So, you have to keep H264 video codec and AAC audio codec to share a video via WhatsApp successfully.

[Tips & Tricks] How to send long videos on WhatsApp?

Procedure 1: How to send 3 minute video on WhatsApp for Android Phone, iPhone and more using “DropBox” App?

Step 1: At first, you need to download/install “Dropbox” on your Phone. You can download this app from Google Store/App Store or click on below link

Download Dropbox for iPhone

Download Dropbox for Android Phone

Step 2: After complete install this app on your device, open “Dropbox app” and tap the drop down arrow on the Dropbox app and then select “Share

Step 3: A list appears with “Copy link” at the top which you can use to share the link with

Step 4: Now, Open the “Whatsapp” and select the contact you want to share large file

Step 5: Then “paste” the link you get from Dropbox to textbox or conversation  box of Whatsapp

Step 6: person will able to download the file to their own phone or computer, when the link is opened.

Procedure 2: How to send 5 min video on WhatsApp with Android/iPhone?

Step 1: Open “Google Play Store” App in your Android phone or open “Apple App Store” app in your iPhone

Step 2:  Find a video converter App that lets you trim your long videos

Step 3: Download/install a video converter app in your device which you have selected

Step 4: Open the “Downloaded video converter” app and cut your videos to several clips which are smaller than 16MB

Step 5: Now, you can send the clips one-by-one on WhatsApp to your contacts

Procedure 3: How to send a 3 minute video on WhatsApp using “Google Drive”?

Google Drive can be used to keep a backup of files stored in your devices. And you can take the advantages of the sharing feature of Google Drive to share long videos on WhatsApp. To do so, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open “Google Drive” App in your mobile and tap on “+” icon on the home screen

Step 2: Unload the files to Google Drive

Step 3: Once file uploaded, tap on the files and hold for some time. Select “Copy Link” option from the options appears on screen

Step 4: Now, open “WhatsApp” in your mobile and open the chat of the person which whom you want to share a video

Step 5: Press & hold text in text filed and paste the “link” of the video. This link will allow your contacts to see the video and download it if they want.


I hope this tutorial helped you to “How to send 3 min video on WhatsApp” or send 5 minutes and/or more size of videos to your contacts on Whatsapp. So, it is very easy to delivers more than 16MB of data or upto 150 MB data to the receipts. You can also send long videos with downloading GB Whatsapp on your phone If you have any suggestions or queries, then you must write on the comment box given below.