How to send long video on Whatsapp Status without cutting?

In our previous blogs we have discussed How to export Whatsapp Chat to PDF with Media & 10 Important Tips for Picking a Color Scheme for Your App. But in this guide we are going to discuss on How to send long video on Whatsapp & How to send long video on Whatsapp Status without cutting. So keep reading the blog till the end.

It’s a well know thing that we can share videos/photos on Whatsapp, not only on Whatsapp but on every Social networking sites. Have you ever think why social networking sites have these features? Well, the answer is quite simple but it’s a big question. The count of social networking sites users is in billions. Some of them use these platforms only for making their own identity by sharing their thoughts with the people, some of them uses this only for advertisement of their company /brand/ product while some of them use it just to keep their nearer and dearer only few clicks away from them. So, basically different people use it on the basis of their needs.

So coming back to the today’s highlight and that is How to send long video on Whatsapp Status without cutting. Sharing videos on Whatsapp status is like sharing happiness and our Whatsapp status very much expresses our mood. And we all know that Whatsapp allows its users to post videos that can be 30 seconds in length and if our video is longer than 30 minutes then we need to cut the clip into multiple clips.

How to send long video on Whatsapp?

We all know that we can’t send videos larger than 16 MB, which is usually a video of 90 seconds to 3 minutes. You are not allowed to send a video loner than 30 seconds in one time.

So you need to cut the videos in multiple clips for uploading a video which is longer than 30 seconds. You can manually do that by uploading your long video on Whatsapp status , you will see a white slider to cut your videos in a clip of 30 seconds. All you need to choose the first 30 seconds of the long video and then upload it > and after that upload the next 30 seconds video , repeat this process until you have uploaded the full video in your Whatsapp status.

Whatsapp is unable to split your Videos your long videos accurately. You will have to cut it manually into multiple clips. So in order to avoid this, you can manually cut the long videos for your Whatsapp status just by downloading a video cutter.

How to send long video on Whatsapp Status without cutting?

But if you don’t want to split your videos and want to set a full length long video on your Whatsapp status then there are multiple apps to do so but we will not suggest you to do so as it may affect your device or your phone apps.

That’s all about How to send long video on Whatsapp Status without cutting. I hope that this write up was helpful for you and if you have further queries or concerns kindly feel free to write us on our Facebook and Twitter Page.