How to send music on Instagram DM [Guide ]2022

In this guide we discuss about Instagram.  Instagram (IG) , need to introduction but we want to highlight some interesting facts about Instagram which might you don’t know. So let’s discover what are the amazing facts about IG.

  1. About 80% of Instagram accounts are for personal use.
  2. Instagram is more used by women in comparison to the men
  3. 60% of the Instagram users have joined this platform to find new products for them
  4. Presently only US has 140 million IG users
  5. About 995 snaps are uploaded on IG every second.

There are many other interesting facts about Instagram. But in this tutorial we are not here to discuss the unknown facts, here we will guide you on How to send music on Instagram DM.

We all know that Instagram is used for chat and messages and we can also send audio and video in DM. So let’s get started with the topic.

How to send music on Instagram DM?

  • In order to send music on Instagram DM
  • You have two options to do, you may either attach the song to your message or if you want you may also include a link to the song.
  • Now if you attach the song hen it will automatically play when the receiver open the message

Additional Frequently Asked Queries….

How to send a voice Message on Instagram?

First of all, open an existing conversation or start a new conversation (depending on your choice)>press/hold the microphone icon & record your message>once you are done with the recording, you will see that your voice message has appeared in your chat in the waveform. You can make a recording of up to 60 seconds and your voice message will be automatically send when you release the microphone button. You may also swipe the voice message to the trash can if you have change your mind.

Can we send audio files on Instagram?

Yes you can send audio as well as video files but size of the file must not exceed otherwise you won’t be able to send it.

How to Add Your Own Voice Recording with Photo or Video to Instagram Story?

In this section we will guide you on how to add your own voice recording with photo or video to Instagram Story. To do so you need to select the picture and audio >after that apply recording on it , once you have prepared your audio and video clips, open your Instagram account and go to “add story.” Then go to gallery and select the clip of your voice & audio recording that you have made to update n your Instagram story.


That’s all about How to send music on Instagram DM. I hope that the article was helpful for you. Thanks for Reading. Have a great day.