How to send pictures on WhatsApp without losing quality [Solved]

WhatsApp provides its users so many facilities one can send messages, media files such as images, videos and GIFs. This platform is also used for voice as well as video calling though it’s an end to end encrypted platform so one can assure for the security here. Well here in this blog we have came to discuss one of the very common issues which users usually face.

 Being a WhatsApp user we all know that while transferring the messages, messaging platforms compresses the sending them. Because it reduces the time taken by the sender to upload the images and the time is taken by the receiver to download the image. As a result this compression leads to loss of data from the image. That’s why so many users have asked is this possible to send pictures on WhatsApp without losing quality. Well the answer is yes, it is quite doable and to do the same you can follow the below mention methods.

How to send pictures on WhatsApp without losing quality or without compression

Method 1: Send Original Picture through WhatsApp by Renaming the Image

Step 1: First of all open the file explorer & rename the images to be sent from image.jpg (or .png or .jpeg ) to image .pdf or image.doc

Step 2: The explorer might display a warning message after renaming. Simply ignore it and proceed>After that the particle image becomes a pdf/doc file. You can easily attach this file as a document & send it to the recipient.

Step 3: Ask the receiver to again rename image .pdf to image .jpg using file explorer

Method 2: Creating Multiple Images as a ZIP

Step 1: This is helpful when you have more images to send. The recipient doesn’t have to rename every single file if you use this compression method

Step 2: Use your file manager or any 3rd party zipping tool to compress the entire image folder to be sent

Step 3: Now attach this ZIP as a document or directly share it from the file manager itself> the recipients to uncompress it at the other end

Step 4: Image size won’t be reduced and hence the clarity is maintained intact

Method 3: Attach Directly as a Document on WhatsApp

Step 1: Open WhatsApp and get into the recipient’s profile> Choose to attach it as a document and it will shop up the Documents explorer

Step 2: Now select Browse other docs and load the image folder from the menu> It will directly load the entire folder as a document > the images will be sent without any compression

Method 4: By Uploading to Cloud and Sharing the link

Step 1: In order to proceed with this method you must have an account on any cloud storage service.

Step 2: Now use the cloud mobile app or use website to upload the images to the server> you will get a shareable link after that. Now jot down it & then send this link to the recipient

Step 3: And if the images are confidential or private, ensure you have set correct security measures while generating the link

Step 4: You can also set request access feature view/edit the file if you use Google Drive

That’s all about How to send pictures on WhatsApp without losing quality. We really hope that blog was helpful for you and you managed to get past the issue.

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