How to unlock Kindle Paperwhite without Resetting? (Solved)

In this high tech world ,everything is easily available like if we want to buy clothes, accessories shoes etc then  we can easily purchase from online shopping apps without investing so much time, all we need is a Smartphone/Laptop and a good internet connection. Not only fashion stuffs are available online but you can also buy groceries very easily on a reasonable price. In short we can buy all the stuffs from online shopping apps which we use in our day to day life.


And when we are talking about basic necessity of a human then we can’t forget books. In my opinion like food, shelter and clothes, books must be added to the list of basic requirements of a human. And like other basic stuffs, ebooks are also available; you can easily purchase or download them.  So our blog is dedicated to Amazon Kindle which is a series of e-readers developed by Amazon. And this device allows its users to buy, browse, download & read e-books, magazines, newspapers and another digital media by using wireless networking to Kindle Store. It provides s many features and it is high rated by the e-book readers.

But like other devices if you entered an incorrect passwords or your PIN five times in a row then you will be prompted to reset your device or wait for 30-40 seconds to try again. So here in this blog we will discuss about How to unlock Kindle Paperwhite without Resetting?

It happens often times with some users that they don’t use kindle from a long time and they forgot their password. Basically users set the password for security purpose and when they forget their password they need to reset it. Settings a password is so easy on Kindle. But it is quite hard to remember your password especially when you are not using it from a long time.

So don’t get stressed you can unlock your Kindle Paperwhite by resetting your device. And to do so follow the below mention steps:

But keep in mind reset will erase not only your passcode also all the data that you have stored in your account.

Follow the below mention steps to reset your Kindle:

  • On your device click on Menu button, appeared as three horizontal lines in the top right side of the screen
  • Now tap on Settings
  • After that tap on the ,Menu button again & tap on “Reset Device”


  • You will be prompted with a dialog box stating all your device data will be deleted and it will ask for your confirmation for resetting.
  • You need to click on “Yes” to start the resetting process


  • Once you are done, then you have to set up the device by re-entering your Amazon Account Info.

Note: After resetting your device don’t panic for your data because your Kindle books remain in cloud. All you need is to log in to your account, set up wireless and finally re-download everything.

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You have to reset Kindle Paperwhite, if you don’t remember your password. It has been done just for the security reasons.

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To do so first of all you need to go to the log in option>find the option” Forgot your Password” and tap on it>then follow the on-screen instructions prompted on your screen to complete the procedure>after resetting your password, you can use your Kindle account.

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