HP Universal Print Driver (All in One Solution)

Hp Universal Print Driver is a single driver compatible with multiple ranges of HP printer models. If you have this driver in your work-station, you can easily connect and print from almost every HP printer models. There is no need to download any other drivers to use the printers. Using PCL 5, PCL 6 or PostScript emulation, and the HP universal printer driver can be used with various networked or direct-connected HP print devices.

This universal printer driver from HP can save you on a lot of occasions. It happens with most of us that we fail to find the compatible driver for the printer or don’t have CD drive or CD itself to run the driver. This is such time when universal print driver is a savior. It is like a onetime investment on a single product which will help you use many other products without spending a single penny. In future when you buy a new printer or replace an old printer with a new one, you just have to change the IP address from the older printer to the new one. You don’t have to worry about any other driver to be installed.

Where to Download HP Universal Print Driver?

The Universal HP printer driver is a freeware and is available on the official HP website for free. It is available for both 32 as well as 64 bit operating system. You have to download its executable file and store it in your PC in any location you want. Next is to double click on the executable file for its installation. Once the process gets completed, “Finish” dialog box appears on the screen. Now you are ready to use any HP printer on your work-station in hassle-free way.

The official link to download Universal Driver:


The Hp Universal Print Driver can be installed in two modes that are traditional mode and dynamic mode. In dynamic mode, every printer connected in a network can be discovered. Otherwise you have to use the printer name and IP address in order to print in the network.

In Conclusion, the benefits of HP Universal Printer Driver are:

  • Only one universal driver is required to install and this reduce the IT admin time a lot
  • Offers PCL5 and PCL 6 driver for universal point
  • The work-station can detect any printers on the network and hence it becomes very easy for the end users to connect any of the printers to print on.

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