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iPad Air 2019 Sports Extreme Horse Power & Can Be The Best Option For iPad With Power Lovers

ipad air 2019 review

iPad Air 2019 is recently launched and is even available in market for being in your hands. This gadget is basically a destined-to-be-underrated middle version of Apple’s tablet series. Speaking about the device, it probably seems like a flower on wall when compared to new and redesigned iPad Pro 11 and iPad Pro 12.9.

According to what the reviewers have to say, this iPad is dedicated to those tech users who want actually more than what is offered by an entry-level iPad version, which is 9.7. in compare to this, iPad Air 2019 review states the device sports bigger screen of size 10.5inches withthen bezels, more powerful chipset, high resolution camera setups, and many more.

Getting to more about the new Apple iPad Air 2019 review, the device has now larger ROM configuration, improved compatibilities, and performance score is actually around double of that scored by iPad 9.7 entry level tablet. Means, the iPad Air 2019 is comparably much better and offers great productivity tool to its lovers.

Speaking about what areas that still needs improvement under this tab, is iOS 12 that remains limited. Well, this problem will even exist if you choose to buy the Apple’s top flagship tab iPad Pro 12.9 as well. Although this new iOS software supports multitasking feature, still using a Macbook for those purposes seems better in prospects of handling complex tasks.

Coming to some limitations found under iPad Air 2019 reviews, the device only works with 1st gen Apple’s Pencil and not the other generation options like 2nd gen magntic pencil. Also, the optional smart keyboard comes with the tab, works not smoother like the keyboard available in Macbooks. This indicates, typing over the tab in dark lit circumstances is hard which is even reported by a number of iPad 9.7 users.

So, overall the iPad Air 2019 review clears the device is just a repackaged version of iPad Pro sold back in year 2017, but with improved internal specs and off course, it’s available for around the same price tag.

Ipad Air 2019 Review: Display Details

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iPad Air 2019 review display


Coming over the iPad Aid 2019 display, it’s the first tablet in Apple’s tab having 10.5inch Retina display with thinner bezels. Also, the screen is fully laminated and uses wide color palette.

The term laminated display indicates there’s no gap between the upper glass and LCD panel underneath. The screen glass is pressed tight up over LCD panel in such a way that colors appears to be popping up outside. Just looking at the display as found under iPad Air 2019 review, one can hardly fail to distinguish the difference when compared to its cheaper sibling. Also, the experiences while drawing on screen with Apple pencil is amazing.

Moreover, reviews even have noticed yellowish while getting through iPad Air’s screen. it’s actually due to Apple’s True Tone display technology which made the device to adapt better to external environment. When this feature is disabled, the screen probably appears in blue color. All these display features as mentioned is missing in Apple’s cheaper iPad 9.7.

iPad Air 2019 Review About its Design

Getting to its design, iPad Air has not much changes marked in terms of this prospect. It still has the traditional look and is not going to wow anyone like the new and more expensive iPad Pro 11 and 12.9. Still it sports quite amazing features which is still missing in high end Apple Pro tabs, which is a 3.5mm jack, Touch-ID button, and offcourse the size if compared to iPad 9.7.

Coming to its dimensions, iPad Air 2019 is probably the thinnest iPad at 6.1mm nd weighs just 456g or 1lb. At the bottom, the iPad frame sticks with the same lightning port, however the new Pros version is now available with USB Type-C ports. Still the traditional port design will be OK for those who have many lightning cables already. The only omission seen in this tab is quad speakers which were available with iPad Pro 2017 version. Currently, the tab has only two speakers. Talking about color availability, it will be sold in in various color variants including silver, gold, space gay, black and white.

iPad Air 2019 Smart Keyboard

iPAd Air Smart keyboard

Talking about the Smart Keyboard with iPad Air 2019, this is actually a factor that makes spring for the tablet over iPad 9.7 as this cheaper version only works with bluetooth keyboards. Using this keyboard with the iPad, it’s expected to avail 2in1 productivity.

According to iPad Air 2019 reviews, this iPad is the only till date cheapest iPad which has Apple’s smmart connector that fastens the fabric tri-fold keyboard cover to bottom, magnetically. When you come to use the board, you would surely get enforced to be its fan of it, even if you have recently just switched from Macbooks to Apple’s smart keyboard. However, the only difference they would notice is the one-piece custom-woven fabric design which includes 64 keys etched out using lasers.

If you are desired to know benefits of these laser-etched fabric keys, then you should known these keys are actually water and stain resistant. This smart keyboard comes with a high price tag of $159 and may seem compromising for those who seek modifying keyboard shortcuts. But, this would not even be a big deal who tend to avail its benefits.

Apple iPad Air 2019 Pencil Reviewed

Apple Pencil is another input device for iPad Air 2019. Actually, Apple’s all iPads currently sold supports the Pencil, and the iPad Air is first device that is compatible with pressure-sensitive stylus. This might seem a great news, but the tablet only works with 1st gen Apple Pencil and Logitech Crayon. This simply means the tab is not going to support Gen 2 Apple Pencil which is unveiled along side of upper model iPads.

So, you are also not going to get easy magnetic charging as of Apple Pencil 2nd generation. To charge the Apple Pencil Gen 1 can be precarious as it’s capped end containing a lightning connector which plugs into the iPad Air. So, it can really be awkward to charge this input device, also it’s comparably longer and heavier in compare to generation 2 variant.

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Apple iPad Air 2019 Review: Specs & Performance

iPad Air specs and performance

Getting through the specs and performance section of iPad Air 2019, it’s actually the most valid reason why its should be owned. it’s one of the powerful iPads when it comes to performance related comparisons. In compare to iPad 9.7, this higher version offers almost double the performance and seems to be a long term gadget to invest in.

Under its hood, it sports Apple’s custom A12 Bionic chipset which is as powerful as one inside iPhone XS. In terms of comparison with other iPad versions in high range, iPad Pro 11 and 12.9 is slightly the bestest with A123X Bionic chipset.

Means, the iPad Air 2019 and its chipset is amazing under its range, and has scored 11,575 in all multi-core benchmark test by Geekbench 4. this can also be a factor why the iPad Air is better than back soold iPad Pro 10.5 which scored just 9,356.

Coming to its configuration, the base model of Apple iPad Air includes a 64GB of ROM whereas the top model has 256GB. Sad part is, there’s no middle version available with 128GB option, so either the users will have to choose the base model and just require to spend extra bucks to buy its top version to get more internal storage capacity.

Firmware & Software Review Of Apple iPad Air

iPad Air 2019 firmware details

Coming to firmware at first, iPad Air is based on iOS 12 that makes navigating Apple’s computer easier that its predecessor firmware. To switch between the apps, it offfers you to pull up out-of-sight dock at bottom which initially require you taking a few gestures. Once you get addicted to hang out with it, it will be easier for you to pop out two apps in split view and drag desired text across them hassle free. Means, you will not have to deal with a permanent dock at bottom or mouse support.

In addition with Apple’s smart keyboard with iPad Air 2019, the combination made it very easy for users to accomplish any single tasks. Also it helps a way better to control lights and other housekit- compatible gadgets in smart home by using Apple Home app. But for doing complex tasks like researches which often requires multiple tabs, it would be a bit complex as well to use the iPad.

Apart from these, Apple’s iOS 12 enables the user with several minor still appreciable perks. Those features include a new redesigned Apple News app, deep battery life stats, Screen time, and compatibility with third party password manager applications.

Camera Specs Under iPad Air

iPad Air 2019 camera review

When it comes to camera specs and output quality, Apple do always outstanding so does iPad Air 2019. but, when it compared to smartphones, the taken snaps can be somehow lower. Even you may appear like a fool if you hold a larger screen sized iPad to shoot just a picture. Getting to camera specs, iPad Air sports a 8MP rear camer with an 4/2.4 aperture, while the front facing snapper features a 7MP camera. It supports 1080p video recording resolution and can be a bit better option for video chatting.

iPad Air 2019 Review: Battery Details

While the Apple offers diverse iPad lineups in market, still you would be surprised to know that all of them provides the same battery life. Means, you can surf the web on Wi-Fi for 10 hours, watching videos or playing music. Still, the battery life totally depends on how it’s going to be used throughout the day.

It will be surprising to know that iPad Air 2019 is the first iPad that supports fast charging technology. Currently, this feature is only available in higher iPad Pros model and not in cheaper iPad 9.7. so, this can be a factor to choose this 10.5inch version according to iPad Air 2019 reviews. Based on real time tests, the device was able to get charged to 17% in just 15 minutes of fast charging when a lightning to USB C cable is used. Overall, it tool approximately 2 and a half hour to charge the iPad Air fully, which is still appreciable.

Ipad Air 2019 Review: Information About Price & Release Date

Speaking about release date, we are happy to tell you the iPad Air 2019 is released today on 25th of March and the first pre-orders will start to ship. However, the price is still a complicated selling point and the Apple doesn’t hype it up enogh, rather to say ‘Power isn’t just for the pros.’ iPad Air is offered with a price tag of $499 that seems cheaper than two years old iPad Pro 10.5 sold back in 2017.

however, in terms of competition, Apple iPad 9.7 is still on sale and costs $329 for 2018 version, which also dropped to $229 in Black Firday duration last year. This seems very competitive to iPad Air 2019.


Speaking of verdict about iPad Air 2019 review, it’s has really a hidden horsepower along with other fantastic features like laminated screen, smart keyboard, improved camera specs and many more. However, the drawbacks can be its dated design, support to older Apple Pencil Gen 1, and two speakers.

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But, when it comes to multitasking performance, it’s much better to cheaper iPad 9.7 and you can quickly realize the same once you put your hands on this device. Although it has some missing points that supposedly required to be addressed, iPads are still such devices which are meant to be carried everywhere, and the perks iPad Air 2019 has, will certainly help the users.

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