Know how to fix hkcmd.exe error on Windows

If you are getting “Cannot find c:\\winnt\\system\\hkcmd.exe” error on Windows PC and seeking for its removal guide then you are at right place. The solution as given in this guide will allow fixing this trouble sooner.

Complete details about hkcmd.exe file

fix hkcmd.exe errorhkcmd.exe is a legitimate executable file that has been developed to control keyboard shortcuts on Windows OS. It has been used by Hotkey Command Interpreter by graphics driver of Intel 810 and 815.

However, some of Windows users report about this error. Before going through its fix procedure, it is necessary that you know about its cause on PC. Generally, it has two types of error, no matter you are using Intel 82810 Graphics Memory Controller Hub (GMCH) or Intel 82815 Graphic Controller on Windows NT, you will receive same error as mentioned above in this article.

Such problems directly indicated that problem is caused due to Intel hardware driver or some computer virus that is hampering targeted PC. In such situation, it becomes necessary to take immediate steps to fix hkcmd.exe error on Windows as early as possible.

If you have older version of PC then you may also have to suffer with another error “The HKCMD.EXE file in linked to missing export HCCUTiLS.DLL:IsDisplayValid.” But such errors rarely comes to Windows PC and not has been reported recently all around the globe.

The “Cannot find c:\\winnt\\system\\hkcmd.exe” error on your PC is not going to disappear automatically. It requires strict action to be taken to eliminate from targeted computer. Straightforward, it is necessary that you take manual or automatic solution to fix hkcmd.exe error. You will find both manual as well as automatic solution to fix this trouble. We suggest you to try both and opt for best that matches your need.

Manual Solution to fix hkcmd.exe problem

Step 1: Re-install Intel Graphics Driver on Infected PC

You can go through this procedure by following below guide:

At first Click on “Start” and select “My Computer”

Now, Right Click and select “Properties” option

Select “Hardware” Tab and then “Device Manager” from left

Now Locate “Graphics Adapter and then Right Click and select “Uninstall Driver”

Finally, Restart your PC

uninstall graphics driver

The above process eliminates graphics driver and restarting process will allow Windows to automatically update driver. It will refresh your PC and allow hkcmnd.exe file to run smoothly.

Step 2: Disable HKCMD.exe process on Task Manager

At first click on CTRL+ALT+Delete button together

Now search for hkcmd.exe process on task manger

Right click selected item and choose Disable option

open windows task manger

Step 3: Run System File Checker

At first you need to open Command prompt to Windows start

Now type sfc/scannow and then press enter

It is suggested to wait until scan process gets finished and then follow on screen instruction

run system file checker

Aforementioned all the methods will find complete solution and gives you idea on how to fix hkcmd.exe error on Windows. After completing entire process still if problems remain same then it might be due to existence of some harmful computer virus. In such situation automatic removal guide can help you fix problems easily.

Automatic solution to uninstall hkcmd.exe error

reimage download

The automatic process of removal includes use of Reimage Repair software. It is a powerful Windows repair program that is capable to fix damaged PC in such condition. It has ability to scan all your system files, registry keys, DLLs, Exe and other files that have been damaged. It follows advance mechanism to repair damages file and replace missing files on Windows PC.


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