Know how to fix Windows 10 startup problem (Solved guide)

If you seeking for solution to fix Windows 10 startup problems then you will get complete solution here in this article. There are several reasons that causes boot problems on your computer and prevent to work with your PC smoothly. Damage of Master Boot Record (MBR), existence of infectious malware, unexpected shut down of computer and many others are reason responsible for such annoying issue.

But there is no need to worry for problems like this, it can be fixed. You just required following instruction as given in this article by reading it carefully. It will help you fix Windows 10 startup problem and other related issues from your computer. Here in this article, we have mentioned most appropriate solution to handle aforementioned problem without any data loss and other issues.

Effective solution to fix Windows 10 boot problem or Startup issue

Method 1: Disable External Devices

The very first step you need to follow is to disconnect all external devices with your laptop or PC. It could be anything your printer, external storage devices, camera, card reader, video recorder. You can keep your mouse and keyboard connected with your computer. As you finish this process, you need to disconnect power of your PC. If you are having laptop then remove it battery. You need to perform this task for 10 to 15 seconds. Now, you can attach battery of laptop and give power to your computer to restart.

Method 2: Boot Windows 10 in Safe mode

To fix Windows 10 startup problem, it is advised to boot Windows using Safe mode option. It allows you to launch your PC with limited number of files and drivers. It might help your PC to restart normally. To complete this task, you need to follow steps as given below:

  1. At first, all you need is to press Windows key+s together
  2. Then type Settings and then click Enter
  3. Now select Update & Security option
  4. Go to left side of menu and then select Recovery
  5. Under Advance Startup section, you need to click on Restart now button
  6. Now select Troubleshoot option from display screen
  7. Next, go to Advanced options and then Startup Settings
  8. Select Restart option, As process gets started you can see list of option
  9. Finally select 4 or F4 option to launch your Windows 10 in safe mode

Method 3: Choose Startup Repair option to fix Windows 10 boot problem

Startup Repair tool is one of best feature provided by Windows 10. It helps you solve many of issues with little effort. You can access this option by launching Advanced setting when you start your PC. Now you need to select “Troubleshoot” option as shown in display screen.

fix windows 10 startup problem

Now, you need to select “Advanced options”

Use Advance option Windows 10

Finally, select “Startup Repair” option to start process and follow instruction as given on screen to complete the process

use Staruse Startup Repair to fix windows 10 boot problemtup Repair to fix windows 10 boot problem

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Method 4: Bootrec Command option to fix Windows 10 Startup problem

Using Bootrec command on your computer you can fix issues with Master Boot Record (MBR) on your PC. To perform this task, you should require to login as administrator and then launch command prompt option

Next, you need to type “bootrec/fixmbr” command to write MBR. To write boot sector, you can also type bootrec/fixboot instead of fixmbr. It comes with options like scanos and rebuildbcd.

run bootrec command

Method 5: To perform Windows 10 startup problems fix, you can use System File Check

SFC (System File Check) command becomes useful at some situation to fix Windows 10 startup problem. It scans OS and check for damaged or corrupted Windows file that is causing aforementioned problem. To run this command, you need to launch command prompt as an administrator and then type “sfc/scannow”. It has big probability that it will work for you to solve this trouble.

Run DISM Utility

Method 6: Use of DISM utility to fix Windows 10 boot problem

DISM that stands for Deployment Image Servicing and Management is capable of scanning your PC and restore its heath. It is helpful and reliable command that allows you to get rid out of this trouble. To run this program, all you need is to first launch command prompt and then type “dism/online/cleanup-image/scanhealth” and then press enter key. It will help you know current status and health of your computer. After, you need to write “dism/online/cleanup-image/retorehealth” to repair problem as discussed. Both these methods will definitely work for you and you will be able to solve Windows 10 startup problems.

Run DISM Utility

Method 7: Use of Reimage Repair Utility

If above mentioned didn’t work to sort out this problem then our technical team recommends you to make use of Reimage Repair software. It is a powerful tool that helps you find out harmful malware, fix corrupted registry issue, system file problems and others.

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