Know How to watch or Stream YouTube videos with friends on Discord

Discord has added a new feature that allow you to watch YouTube videos with server members. Now discord users can experience a co-viewing of watching YouTube video in hassle-free way. Here, you will get to know all the details to stream YouTube videos on Discord and watch together.

how to watch youtube videos with friends on discord

When you upgrade the Discord to its latest version, you will get a Discord’s Watch Together Feature. This is gradually getting roll out and I am sure that you have already received this roll-out. As per reports, Discord will complete this watch together feature rollout by the end of October for every users. Hence, in case if you are not seeing this feature currently then check it out back after few weeks. Let get started to learn how to watch YouTube videos with friends on discord.

Set Up Discord Watch Together

Connect with a Discord Voice Channel on your server. You will notice a new rocker icon beside the screen sharing icon.

Press on the “Rocker icon” and go for “Start a new ‘Watch Together’ session”. You can see in the below image that games that has been fully released are displayed.

In the next step, you will be asked to go through the YouTube terms and service and privacy policy for agreement. You can click “Continue” to proceed further. Important note: While watching YouTube videos on Discord, you will see ads even if you have YouTube premium subscription.

Next, a pop-up will appear asking you to “authorize” Watch Together. You have to click on “Authorize” and now you can watch YouTube videos with friends on Discord.

How to Join YouTube Watch Party on Discord

This is the step for joining an existing YouTube watch party on Discord. Just open the server, go to “Voice channel” and press ‘Join Activity’.

For inviting the server members to watch party, click on “invite to activity” button that is present at the bottom left corner.

You can search for your Discord friends on the invite screen. Or copy the activity invite link and paste it in the chat manually.

Steps to Use Discord Watch Together

By now, you know how to start or join a YouTube watch party on Discord. Now, let see how you can use discord watch together feature.

In the YouTube co-viewing session, there are three options namely “a search box”, “trending videos” and “thumbnail preview”.

In the search box, you can search any YouTube video that you want to view with your friends on discord. You also have the option to directly paste the link of Youtube video to watch together. In the search result page, if you click on “+” option then the video automatically gets in the queue.

By default, the creator of the Watch Together in Discord operates the remote control. The remote has all the capabilities to control the video playback, stop the video for fellow viewer, or choose or scrub videos. Any changes made by the creator will sync for every other viewers.

In case if you want to share the remote which watching YouTube video on Discord, you have to turn off the toggle below the video queue. Symbolically, it gets to green from red.

When you share the remote, anyone can select and scrub the video. However, it is possible for anyone including you to pause the video for group. On the other hand, every users can choose their individual video quality preferences.

Ads Comes While Streaming YouTube Videos on Discord

It is quite easy to watch or stream YouTube video with friends on Discord however, it is very irritating to watch compulsory ads triggered by YouTube. Ads occurs even when you have the YouTube premium subscription. It will be nice to see Discord developers and YouTube come together to develop a method to enable ad-free video streaming for premium members.

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